Why Is Call Recording Software Viewed As A Feature Rather Than A Service?

VoIP providers are missing out on the call recording feature

Call Recordings have been an available feature for phones and other communication devices, but not many have considered it as an important application. Admittedly, not all of us record our calls, considering some of us usually just have short calls from family and friends, not knowing important matters are discussed through this. Although important informations are mostly sent to us via Emails, we can’t get rid of the fact that Call Recording has been a very handy feature.

Email provides us persistent written based messaging for communication. Most of the time, documents sent through this are used for data gathering purposes and as legal proof. So basically we should have phone calls automatically saved for later references. Industries consider this as a good practice and for legal requirements as well. Luckily, almost all Business VolP are now including their own form of call recording as a built-in feature, complete with its own special added capabilities.

Business VoIP’s are including Call Recording as a feature and sometimes as an extra feature to their system or software and not as a stand-alone platform. But if you’re already using Nextiva, RingCentral, or Five9, your business already has its access towards call recording. It’s an amazing feature since all businesses need are utilizing this for data and legal purposes.

We tend to overlook things that could be of great help during unexpected cases and this goes out to this very special feature as well. As explained by GetVoIP, another common theme among UCaaS solutions is providers spreading themselves a bit too thin. When a vendor aims to cover a large number of processes and functions, these individual solutions can be weaker than stand-alone tools that are really dedicated to solving the issue at hand. This is particularly true for call recording software.

While the nature of built-in call recording solutions can lead to a simpler experience for the end-users, the sheer functionality might be limited in scope. Dedicated call recording providers are building their entire platforms around this concept and will expand their solutions into related functionality.

Meanwhile, since VoIP providers are simply including an existing call recording functionality within their platforms, it is seen as an add-on, not a feature worth investing more R&D into. This means that the integration and functionality will be fairly simple, and cut out more complex features or extensions to the service.

The VoIP’s are manipulating the importance and capacity of this feature that’s why this software is viewed to be a feature rather than a service unlike other kinds of business communication softwares.


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