5 Trends That Makes The Future Bright For UCaaS

The advantages of UCaaS

Technology is progressing. Before we had landline phones with thousands of extensions, then we had VoIP that streamlined the process by using the internet to reach your customers, and now we have a much better offspring of VoIP, UCaaS.

UCaaS or Unified-Communication-as-a-Service is a technology that unifies and integrates different communication tool in one system. This includes voice, email, chatbots, and SMS.

The technology does not only streamline different processes, but it also resent businesses with a wide range of capabilities and potentials. As a matter of fact, by 2021, SMEs using UCaaS is expected to double, a proof that many companies, big or small, are jumping into the UCaas bandwagon.

As technology progresses, more and more exciting features for UCaaS are available for those who want to leverage the system’s flexibility. But, the improvements don’t stop here, as the popularity of the system increase, so are new improvements.

Five exciting trends that UCaaS systems in the future:

Sentiment Analysis will be a thing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in terms of understanding human behavior and using that understanding to serve them better. Now, UCaaS systems are expected to incorporate ‘sentiment analysis.’ This technology uses data mining to determine opinions in speech and written communication. It will also be able to identify human nuances like sarcasm. Not only that this technology will help understand consumers better, but it will even seem like they are talking to a human being.

AI will bring Sales Coaching

AI now is on its dusk in terms of sales coaching after a conference call. But in the future, it is expected to improve, and UCaaS systems will provide better sales coaching. Moreover, this will be a technology not just available for large organizations. For smaller organizations, having products that have some built-in sales coaching; where calls are listened to in real time and feedback is given will prove to be a valuable asset.

The software can transcribe your calls better

Smart transcription technologies are improving. AIs and Machine-Learning are getting better in speech-to-text transcription. This means that UCaaS can help companies not only by eliminating the need for a human resource to transcribe conference calls; it can also assist in identifying action items and sending recaps to relevant parties. Streamlining this process saves a company from staff hours and ultimately cuts its costs. Moreover, as technology is used, the more that the machine can learn – meaning smart transcription gets smarter every time you use it.

4K video is underway

Some UCaaS providers are embracing 4K. Higher definition video will provide SMBs with a “future-proof solution” for everyday tasks such as promoting products, closing sales, and conducting video conferences to recruit new employees. Even small businesses now operate primarily outside the confines of their office building, and by providing a more life-like visual experience with 4K, SMBs stand to reap dramatic benefits both for internal staff and in the image they present to the public.


As network providers work hard to provide better, faster, and more efficient networks, UCaaS systems also benefit. The faster the internet, the better the connection that UCaas will have. This only means that with the advent of 5G networks, companies will benefit from the reduction of poor connection, call jitters, and unnecessary interruptions.

Are you excited for what’s ahead for UCaaS systems? Me too! /apr


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