Viral Instagram Egg Partnered With Hulu To Raise Mental Health Awareness

The world’s famous egg finally cracked open to reveal a special message.

The trending photo of an egg finally revealed a serious message inside

A month ago, a photo of a beautiful brown egg went viral on social media behind an Instagram account profile named, “world_record_egg”.

 It was posted to Instagram with the message, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)!” In a short amount of time, the photo amassed more than 52 million likes on Instagram and beat out Kylie Jenner for the most-liked post ever on the platform.

The viral egg is currently the biggest social media influencer on Instagram.

A few weeks after its social media fame, the viral egg then started to crack over a series of new Instagram posts with a hint of partnership with Hulu, an American streaming platform. The latest post before the reveal was a partially cracked egg dressed up with football lacing with the following caption:

“The wait is over 😅 All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl 👀 
Watch it first, only on @hulu. “

People were so egg-cited for the revelation and a lot of speculation raged as to what type of marketing scheme this viral egg might be part of.

Hulu began responding to users on Instagram who submitted guesses on what the announcement might be and directed viewers to see the egg crack on Hulu at 11 pm ET.

During the Super Bowl, the viral Instagram egg revealed the most unexpected promotion of the night. It was not a branded sponsorship, nor a new TV series announcement, but the egg’s big reveal was a simple message about mental health.

The clip started with the egg starting to crumble under pressure.

“Recently I’ve started to crack,” reads the clip’s caption. “The pressure of social media is getting to me,” said the egg. The egg then makes a direct plea that if you’re struggling too, talk to someone.

The egg links the viewers to the website of the nonprofit group Mental Health America, with a reminder to reach out for support if you’re struggling with stress and other mental health issues. On the other hand, the Instagram post of the clip links to, which lists international mental health resources by country.


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