SMEs To Double UCaaS Adaptation By 2021

UCaaS Forecast expected to double

For the longest time, companies have used landlines and everyday old telephone services to make their calls using PSTB, inside offices with PBX connecting employees via a thousand of extensions, each wired individually to a single-line telephone set.

And, then the Internet changed the game. It provided a second global network optimized for digital data. Because of this transformation, many companies have started to use Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) not only because of it more cost-effective advantages but also because having a digital resource; it is open to boundless opportunities and capabilities that traditional analog systems are not.

Today, thousands of service providers have leveraged VoIP’s flexible system to not only develop new software-based features, but also integrate voice with other digital communication channels, including text, video conferencing, meeting collaboration, and more. This advancement has given rise to Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS).

UCaaS platforms work to integrate multiple communication channels into a single platform and interface, allowing users to switch between them seamlessly, while also accessing new capabilities. UCaaS’ multimodal services appeal to companies that have a variety of communications needs, not just voice.

The technology allowed companies to integrate different customer interaction strategies that are not only unified but are also harmonious in collecting necessary data from each touch base. Companies use these data as a basis for their future moves, and it has guided them in making customer service decisions that don’t only resolve issues faced by the customers but also understand what they need.

Experts from MarketsandMarkets predict that UCass among SMEs will double by the end of 2021. Factors affecting adoption include increased use of UC on mobile, a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with UCaaS, and demand for services that are customer-centric, according to Rohit Singh, a Senior Research Analyst at MarketsandMarkets.

“With UC, the whole idea is, you have one platform, one interface, on your screen to manage all of your communications activity,” said Jon Arnold, UCaaS expert and Principal of J Arnold & Associates. “All your communications flow seamlessly from mode to mode.”

In the few years to come, UCaaS is expected to rise. With new technological advancements in telecom and artificial intelligence, a bright future is ahead of those companies that offer and use this technology. /apr


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