Skype Latest Update Offers A Fresh And Elegant Experience Among Its Users

Skype Update offers new user experience

Skype is one of the top 10 software application that allows us to make a free or low-cost calls across the internet. There are about 1.33 million users actively uses the app according to some stats registered across the country from 2009 to 2017. And, the app shows no sign of slowing down as forecasts revealed that the application would skyrocket its number of users by 2024.

As we all know, this application has been a significant help to users regarding communication. For us freelancers or online contributors, Skype is the medium for all types of communication. And it makes assignments easier and faster to accomplish. Hence, this why Skype continues updating its system and improving ways of sending messages, sharing pictures, video chatting and many more.

Skype has introduced profound ways of improving online communication. Ten years ago, Skype added the video call feature that allows us, the users, to communicate not only by voice call but also through video.

Today, Skype introduces a new set of improvements for the app that expand our ways of communicating online. First, is the call recording features. This feature enables users to save, share, capture special moments, events, and meetings, all on a single occasion. This feature is cloud-based. Hence, it’s readily available on the latest version of Skype.

For security purposes, when you start recording a call, the app has notification features that notify the other caller that the call is being recorded. The recipient can also save and share the recorded video call.

The second feature is the OneDrive integration. Skype added this feature allow users to share links of file and folders, enabling us to search and browse files quickly in our personal OneDrive storage.

OneDrive supports more than 300 file type. Hence, sharing the massive amount of record is no longer an issue. By dividing the link using OneDrive, the recipient can quickly open the link by just merely clicking — no more, no less.

Skype also added the Live Caption and Subtitles settings which you can quickly turn on for a single call or just keeping them on for all requests. This feature has been optimized to have a faster time trip as people speak. The company is currently working on adding more viewing and translations options that can support over 20 languages.

Lastly, Skype is also focusing on simplicity and familiarity. They have removed all redundant and underused features in their user interface. With Skype mobile, the screen limits to three buttons, the chats, calls, and contacts for cleaner and more efficient user interface (UI).

For desktop, the buttons for conversations, calls, communications were moved to the bottom while notifications button was placed in the top left corner of the screen. According to Skype, this limits confusion among their long-time users.

Skype is improving its application to give users a more modern look that plays with different color expressions such as light and dark themes. Further, the app is much more organized since they’ve reduced some of their decorative elements such as notifications with a squiggle cut-out shape. And, I think, the result of this update offers a more fresh and elegant experience.


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