Faceoff: AirPods 2 vs. Galaxy Buds

FACEOFF: Apple Airpods 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Tech enthusiasts once frowned to Apple’s idea of releasing wireless earphones. It’s futuristic, yet strange. Undoubtedly, the idea behind the technology steps out from the conventional ways of how we use the accessory. From long and dangly cords to Bluetooth-powered and cordless earphones, the massive change from traditional to modern phase quickly contributed to the growing popularity of the product, leading to becoming more than just an accessory, but a status symbol.

Apple’s AirPods’ success was a significant game changer. This success prompted various brands to join the bandwagon and make their versions of the wireless buds to compete with the AirPods’ fast-growing market. And, with the numbers exponentially increasing, the best way to mitigate is to compete with features.

Samsung, one of the most looked forward brand to compete with Apple, dropped its version known as the Galaxy Buds, and people are torn. Instead of casually heading to an Apple store, consumers found themselves on a crossroad as to what wireless bud should they opt to purchase.

And, if you’re one of those consumers that are undecided whether or not you’ll go with the Apple AirPods or the Samsung Galaxy Buds, we’re here to help you narrow down your doubts and provide pieces of information that you might need before making that purchase.


Before we dive into the specifics, let’s talk about how much a pair of wireless earphones will cost you. First of all, we call them a status symbol for a reason. They are definitely up on the price ladder.

Apple’s AirPods costs $160 a pair. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds will cost less at $130. There’s hardly any difference, other than the $30 of course.


When it comes to appearance, there’s an immediate difference. First thing is the container or the charging port.

While Apple followed the standard size of a dental floss box, Samsung’s come in the form of a huge pill, mainly due to the size of the buds themselves.

The AirPods packaging appears like the regular earphones you get when you purchase an iPhone. It is precisely the same when you cut all the wires that come with it.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds come in the form of smaller and more compact earbuds.

Because of this, while you can fully insert the Galaxy Buds into your ear, the AirPods rather makes a very observable device when worn.

Moreover, while the AirPods only comes in white, the Galaxy Buds offers three colors: White, Black, and Yellow.


In actual wear, there’s also a very notable difference between the two.

The Galaxy Buds have a tighter more secure fit. It’s something that you can definitely feel you’re when wearing them.

Moreover, the Galaxy Buds come with three different interchangeable earpieces where you can customize to adjust to the level of comfort you would choose when wearing them.

Meanwhile, the AirPods come in a standard piece of hardware, which have caused several concerns regarding how they are placed on the ear. Apparently, some people don’t have the right ear structure to support the device thus making them fall off easy entirely.

However, AirPods is exactly what it is called. They have a more loose and lighter feel when they’re on your ears. They are incredibly light, which oftentimes, makes you forget your actually wearing one.

Overall, if you have the right ear structure, the AirPods win this round just because they are more easy on the ears.

Set Up

The set-up for both devices is extremely easy and basic. For both, opening the device will trigger a notification on your phone to prompt them to connect. After that, you’re all set to go.

But, there are some boxes you need to tick to allow connection with your smartphone on the Galaxy Buds. It’s an added security feature that’s known across Samsung devices.

Apple only allows like-devices to connect via Bluetooth, so it’s apparent why there are no further security features like so that is needed to be included.

Both Bluetooth devices will connect across different devices; Galaxy Buds to iPhone or AirPods to Samsung, and vice versa.


In terms of what you can do with both, the Galaxy Buds comes with an entire app dedicated to it. There, you can create manual configurations on how you want the device to perform. You can adjust the volume, sound mixer, and acoustics, as well as, other settings on how you want to happen if you click and hold.

The smartphone application is a feature that you don’t have with the AirPods.

Meanwhile, both devices do allow functionality by tapping, double-tapping, and for Samsung, triple-tapping the earbuds. What happens is determined in the app, for Samsung, and on the iPhone Bluetooth settings, for the AirPods.

With the Galaxy Buds app, you can configure the device in a couple of ways, the AirPods will only allow you to decide whether Siri, Next Song, etc… when you double tap.

Lastly, both devices can charge wirelessly through a charging mat. Ironically, the AirPods 2 will charge on top of a Samsung phone.


Based on auditory performance, both devices work great. You can listen to music and listen to phone calls with good quality.

However, there are some things that both devices differ from, and one of them is based on how they are made and worn.

The Galaxy Buds allows more bass and sound to enter your ears because it’s more confined in terms of how they are placed. It has better sound isolation compared to the AirPods that’s more lightly placed.

Moreover, there’s an ambiance regulating feature in the Galaxy Buds that allows it to magnify surrounding noise like a car honking behind you or people talking. Although it’s a great feature, it still needs those ambient noises to be functional.

On the other hand, the AirPods receives sound better. You can normally talk to someone over the phone, not unlike the Galaxy Buds where your voice is received as robotic.

And, another feature about the AirPods is it incorporates fully into the Apple ecosystem. Meaning, you can connect your AirPods across your various Apple devices under the same Apple ID. A feature, which the Galaxy Buds doesn’t have. You will need to disconnect and manually connect when you’re going to use it with different devices.


Overall, it’s a hard decision to choose between a Samsung and an Apple. They are both pretty nifty devices but it will depend on your personal taste.

The AirPods, in all honesty, comes with great marketing elevating it to become a status symbol. That is, of course, aside from getting a device that functions well and wears comfortably.

However, if you’re more concerned about the sound quality and how you can maximize the device, the Galaxy Buds will allow you to do that with the added smartphone application.

But it’s still a mix and match, so we can’t really decide for you. Who knows, maybe it’s the $30 difference.


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