[REVIEW] Microsoft Teams Uses VoIP And AI To Help Organizations Collaborate

[REVIEW] Microsoft Teams Uses VoIP And AI To Help Organizations Collaborate

Technology has indeed revolutionized the ways business conduct their operations. Not only that it has provided business owners with new and efficient means of production, but it has also opened up to many new industries. But, among all the benefits of technology, one thing that corporate people have been very thankful for is it changed the way collaboration and meetings are done.

Currently, some tools help managers and teams to collaborate even if they are not within the same office. Tools like Trello, Slack, Skype, and Outlook has assisted project managers to communicate with their team members more efficiently by giving them solutions like project management assistance, online bulletin boards, planning AIs, and virtual meeting platforms. The problem with these tools, however, is that each one serves a particular purpose – meaning, you have to have each of them for it to be helpful.

The good thing is that there is a software that has all of these featured in one tool. One of these is Microsoft Teams. The tool, offered by Microsoft Office 365, is a complete, stand-alone collaboration platform that provides services beyond just one-to-one or group chats.

“Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and have conversations—all in one place. Here’s a quick look at the left-hand side of Teams.” Microsoft wrote.

Since it is part of the powerful cloud platform that Microsoft offers its market, it has seen an opportunity to jump into the collaboration bandwagon and gives users broader access to Microsoft products across the cloud.

Microsoft is not new in the communication world with its acquisition and continued the development of Skype, among other tools. But it boasts that Teams is more than that. “[It is] not just another messaging app you download on your desktop and phone like Slack.” they wrote.

As part of the powerful Office 365 ecosystem, Microsoft Teams offer access to a vast array of functions that are subdivided into four different categories:

  • Teams, which find and create channels to hold “on-the-spot meetings, have conversations and share files.”
  • Meetings, a calendar that syncs with Outlook that allows users to see what they have lined up for the day and to schedule meetings automatically.
  • Calls, which allows VoIP calling within the organization that goes beyond just chat-based collaboration.
  • Activity, which allows users to catch up on all unread messages, @mentions, replies, among others.
Image from Microsoft Teams

The good news is that Microsoft offers a free version of Teams that allows users to leverage its potential without the need for an entire Office 365 subscription. However, upgrades are also available for those who want the full experience.

One thing that makes the Microsoft Teams very helpful is its integration with the Office 365 ecosystem. “This highlights a fairly large selling point for Microsoft’s Teams platform — the deep integration with the rest of the Office 365 ecosystem. Let’s face it, Microsoft’s apps have been, and probably always will be, the go-to enterprise solutions for some tasks. We can’t really imagine a world without Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — or at least their influence.”

Additionally, Microsoft Teams is exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence to serve its market further.

According to Lori Wright of Microsoft in an interview back in September 2017, Microsoft had “a new vision for intelligent communications,” which she said would transform “calling and meeting experiences for people and organizations around the world.”

The idea is that Microsoft Teams aim to go beyond “traditional unified communications” by including more intelligent and proactive capabilities. This announcement has shifted the paradigm in collaboration technologies and has poised Microsoft as responsible for pushing this concept of intelligent communications. /apr


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