3 Best Google April Fools Pranks 2019


Wow, we’re already in April, and we all know that the first day of this month is dedicated to everyone who suffered through generations and generations of humiliation, anxiety, and confusion – it’s April Fools!

But what’s the best way to celebrate April Fools but to crank up some of your wit and pull a prank on somebody. And Google did just that. They have always done just that.

Every year, Google is known to have pulled different kinds of pranks from practical to impractical jokes on its users and employees. Some of them come in the form of a blog post or a Google Doodle, but in rare but (in)appropriate ways, in software features and new products.

Pranking the users every April Fools is one of Google’s long-standing tradition and this year, they are not kidding (no pun intended) when they followed through this April culture. These pranks come in different forms, sizes, platforms, and whatnots. This year is no exemption.

We have compiled some of the April Fools jokes and pranks Google has pulled this year. And we listed here what we think are the best.



For this year, Google decided to taunt our nostalgia with Google Maps. In selected cities around the world, Google has inserted an awesome treat for all the #90sKids out there to sulk in the glory of playing the most loved game of our generation – SNAKE! You can play the iconic game in Google Maps in different locations across the world, including Cairo, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo.

To play the game, all you have to do is to open the Google Maps app for Android or iOS, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner, and hit “Play Snake.” Just pick a city, grab as many passengers as you can, and make sure you don’t hit anything on your way. And get this: the feature will be available in the app for about a week, and you can play the game “long after April Foolsss is over.”


It seems like Google Maps isn’t the only one introducing a game for April Fools. The team behind Google Calendar is at it too! You can now play a game similar to the Space Invaders in the app. All you have to do is to click the gear icon and choose “Play a game.” However, this awesome April Fools exclusive is not available to G Suite users. By “playing a game” you will be greeted by this warning before you start the game:

“The game you’re about to play teaches you how to clear your schedule. Clear your meetings one by one with laser sharp precision.
Be careful. Don’t let any events reach the bottom or you’ll lose the game. Move the mouse or use the arrow keys to position yourself.
Click or press space to blast the laser.”

Now, you can “blast” your meetings away with a tap of your space bar key, and as you go busier and busier as your level advances, the game will definitely teach you how to “manage your time” and take a break. It will show you how a busy schedule can figuratively kill you. Enjoy playing!


Of all the April Fools releases from Google, this is probably one of the closest to what a real prank is. This year, the team behind the Gboard keyboard app has added a new device that will help you type with precision and accuracy as well as comfort as you type every character on your keyboard.

The GBoard spoon bending version will allow you to type by bending a spoon. All you have to do is connect the Gboard spoon bending version to your smartphone or computer, bend the spoon, and the corresponding letter to that angle is entered. The less you bend the closer you are to the beginning of the alphabet, and the more you bend, the closer you are to the end. And according to Google, in an old fashion April Fools post, when you bend the spoon using your mind, more special characters will come up. The team has released designs, schematics, firmware, and so on, so you can ever use a home 3D printer to build your own. Isn’t it stupid but cool? Yes? Yes!

Do you have any other Google April Fools releases that you think should be on this list? Let us know!


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