Facebook And Twitter Suspends Fake Accounts From Iran, Russia, And Venezuela

Warning of 'Troll' Accounts
A suspension of “troll” Facebook and Instagram accounts that are coming from Iran, Venezuela, and Russia were done on Thursday afternoon by Facebook. Photo By:Blogtrepreneur/Flickr

A suspension of “troll” Facebook and Instagram accounts that are coming from Iran, Venezuela, and Russia were done on Thursday afternoon by Facebook following the same move from Twitter. Reportedly, these fake accounts are being used to deliver wrong information and deliver confusion among people around the world. Although Facebook and Twitter aren’t sure whether which troll groups run these accounts, these fake accounts have been on these social media platforms for long now and have been finally suspended.

According to Twitter, these fake accounts that are coming from Russia have already sent a million tweets regarding US politics and governance. There are still thousands of troll accounts that are being run by agencies to destroy not only the US government but also other countries. In Asia, using fake accounts are one of the most influential ways to create division and hatred among government officials and the administration itself.

The suspension that has been done by Facebook and Twitter is now a “wake up call” for these groups and may soon be traced by authorities. The popularity of news that these social media platforms can reach is excellent since people from around the globe mostly use it. One way that communication can spread easily is through the usage of hashtags. Reports can go viral and famous in just 30 minutes and reach different parts of the globe. On a statement made by Twitter, these troll accounts have already tweeted more than 20,000 tweets using hashtags like #IslamIsTheProblem and #ReleaseTheMemo referring to current news and events attacking the economy.

The problem with these troll accounts is that they make people believe in something that is wrong information, thus, going ahead of the plans of the government. It is a sad thought that there are people who are into jobs like these rather than working for the advancement of the economy.

Meanwhile, accounts that are linked in Venezuela commit the same unlawful acts to their current government and president—another reason to push suspension on these accounts. Facebook announced that it had already suspended 783 accounts, groups and pages from Iran just today and are still on the hunt for other suspicious reports. They also added that they are targeting to take down fake accounts from USA, Middle East, and Asia soon after cleaning up from these countries.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will continue to search and identify accounts that have “inauthentic behavior” to make a better community for real users as they use social media as a platform for the betterment of everyone.



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