An iOS jailbreak is publicly available after Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A recently patched vulnerability in iOS has been unpatched accidentally in the newly available…

‘Vanda The God’ hacking group claims responsibility for massive healthcare website attacks

The attack affected websites from the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, and South Africa.

Biometrics company exposed millions of records from the UK Metropolitan Police, Banks, and Businesses

Biostar's clients include banks, government agencies, and the UK Metropolitan Police.

20-year-old Microsoft zero-day remains unpatched

A white-hat hacker from Google detailed a 20-year-old windows vulnerability that remained unpatched up until now.

Hacker forum discussing Fortnite exploits hacked by rival hackers

Is it poetic justice being served?

Avaya VoIP phones at risk of cyber-attacks, study suggests

The study came out a few days after Microsoft warned companies that Russian hackers are using…

Android Phones made by small-time makers are more likely to have Preinstalled Malware

TweetShare5SharePin5 Shares Android phones from small-time smartphone manufacturers are more likely to fall victim to preinstalled…

The FBI wants to spy on your Facebook to monitor threats in real-time

TweetShare5SharePin5 Shares Amid the growing threat of homegrown terrorism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is…

Microsoft warns of a vulnerability exploitable for SWAPGS attacks

TweetShare1SharePin1 Shares A vulnerability that is affecting Windows computer running on 64-bit Intel and AMD processors…

Report: Destructive Malware Incidents Up By 200% In The First Half Of 2019

Half of the destructive malware incidents assisted by IBM's X-Force Iris incident response team are companies…

Cybersecurity Researcher Found Honda Security ‘Soft Spots’ In Unsecured Database

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A researcher claims to discover Honda’s ElasticSearch database that exposes the internal system and…

Warning: There Is An Android Ransomware That Is Spread Through SMS

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares The prevalence of Android ransomware is back as announced by a group of cybersecurity…

Confidential User-Uploaded Docs Exposed In FormGet Data Breach

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Another day, another company recklessly exposed their database for everyone with the link can…

There’s A Market For Hacked Deliveroo Accounts, And They’re Sold For Only $6

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares For only $6, you can now purchase a hacked Deliveroo account from the dark…

Bulgaria Police Zeroed In Some Data Breach Suspects

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The Bulgarian police are investigating last week’s attack on the country’s tax systems. The…

‘Critical’ VLC Zero-Day Warning Raised

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Cybersecurity researchers have warned users of the popular multimedia player, VLC, of a “critical”…

Phishing Attack Targets Lancaster University Students And Applicants

The hackers gained access to students' and applicants' names, addresses, phone numbers, ID information, and emai…

Iranian Hackers Are Posing As Cambridge Officials To Target US Government

The threat actors are using LinkedIn to send malicious documents.

Equifax To Pay $700M Or More For 2017 Data Breach

The credit reporting company has finally settled a deal with the Federal Trade Commission.

The Rise Of Adware And How We Are Used For Bogus Profit

Adware may not attempt to steal our money, but they use us to fake numbers for…

DataSpii: Chrome And Firefox Extensions Caused ‘Catastrophic Data Leak’

The data was being sold by the online analytics company "Nacho Analytics."

Morpheus Chip Is Almost Impossible To Hack Says Researchers

Much like the Greek god, Morpheus chip is a hacker's nightmare.

Hong Kong Malvertiser Runs Malicious Tech Ads In Microsoft Apps

TweetShare2SharePin2 Shares Within the last few months, a malvertiser has been pushing malicious tech support scam…

Another China-Based Server Discovered Open Containing 1TB Of Personal Data

The data appears to come from more than 100 loan-related apps and exposing a handful of…

Sprint Resets Account Passwords Of Users After Data Breach

Hackers used the Samsung website to gain access to Sprint's accounts.

[Breaking] 70% Of Bulgarian Citizens’ Sensitive Data Leaked In The Country’s Biggest Data Breach

Eleven gigabytes of data were extracted in 57 databases from Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency.

Bug Bounty Hunter Paid $30k For Discovering Instagram Vulnerability

The vulnerability, if not patched, could allow hackers to take over Instagram accounts in 10 minutes.

Hackers Can Manipulate Media Files Sent Through WhatsApp And Telegram With A Zero-Day

The vulnerability is dubbed as “Media File Jacking.”

TrickBooster Phished 250 Million Emails To Make A Target List For TrickBot Malware

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares A malware that has existed since 2016 has been noticed once more; this time,…

Zoom Zero-Day Allows Hackers To Turn Mac Cameras On Remotely

Tech experts believe it was "irresponsible."

Homeland Security Hearing On Data Breach: CBP Seem To Not Know What They’re Doing

They're not even sure when they knew about the incident.

China Forces Tourists To Install File Scanning Android Malware At Border

They are looking for Islam-related files.

[Updated] Orvibo Confirms No More Open Database; Necessary Fixes And Enhancement Ongoing

We talked with Orvibo and the researchers who discovered the open database, both parties confirmed fixes.

‘Ratsnif’: The Undetected ‘OceanLotus’ Malware Trojan

It evaded the public eye for two years.

‘Orvibo’ Smart Home Devices Leaked 2 Million Users’ Exact Geolocation

As exact as latitude and longitude coordinates.

Cloud Service Provider, ‘PCM’ Fell Victim To A Data Breach Aimed To Collect Gift Cards

But the company said their customers were barely impacted by the breach.

States Proactively Amended Data Security Laws Expanding The Definition Of A Data Breach

[bctt tweet="Nine states have updated their data breach notification laws to expand the definition of a…

Medtronic Recalls Insulin Pumps At Risk Of Cyberattack

TweetShare367SharePin32399 Shares Medtronic MiniMed recalls some of its insulin pumps after the US Food and Drug…

‘MFSocket’ Allows Chinese Police To Spy On Their Citizens Directly From Their Phones

TweetShare310SharePin54364 Shares Cybersecurity experts in three different separate research have confirmed the existence of a new…

‘Operation Soft Cell’ Linked To State-Sponsored Chinese Hacking Group

Operation Soft Cell has been operating since 2012.

A Malware Can Bypass ‘2FA’ In ‘Android’ Phones, Researchers Found

It runs through an app impersonating a Turkish crypto exchange app.

Iran Cyber Attack Is Part of Washington’s ‘Defending Forward’ Cyber Strategy

The U.S. Cyber Command, with the green light from President Trump, launched a cyber attack against…

Walmart Implements AI-Based Check-Out Monitor; Another Privacy Concern?

Walmart's AI-based program can detect if an item does not go through the register. It's proven…

‘VLC Media Player’ Patches Vulnerabilities That Allow Hackers To Hack Into Computers

Another day, another zero-day.

Hackers Can Spoof ‘Presidential Alerts’ Using Off-The-Rack Hardware And An Open-Source Software

[bctt tweet="With an off-the-rack hardware and an open source software, hackers can exploit LTE vulnerabilities to…

‘Tinder’, ‘’, And Other Dating Apps Are Collecting Data From Your Chat History

TweetShare24SharePin24 Shares Dating apps have been growing in popularity, especially among millennials, but it appears that…

‘Desjardins’ Employee Leaked Banking Data Of 2.9 Million Members

The employee with "ill-intention" is now fired.

Hackers Exploited Two ‘Firefox Zero-Day’ In An Attempt To Attack ‘Coinbase’ Employees

[bctt tweet="Hackers used two Firefox zero-day vulnerabilities to launch attacks against Coinbase and other crypto companies…

Florida Pays $600,000 To Hackers To Let City Systems Go

[bctt tweet="Florida city, Riviera Beach pays a ransom of nearly $600,000 to hackers as government transactions…

‘Firefox’ Patches Exploited ‘Zero-Day Vulnerability’ And Launched ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ Feature

[bctt tweet="Firefox browser have been updated to patch up a zero-day that has been exploited in…

Half Of The Cyber Attacks In The Middle East Targeted Oil And Gas Companies

[bctt tweet="Half of the growing cyber attacks in the Middle Easts, especially in the UAE, has…

These Series Of Ransomware Attacks Is More Than Just For Ransom — And The Government Should Listen And Investigate

[bctt tweet="Experts warn that the series of ransomware attacks against US City and state agencies is…

A New Strain Of ‘Houdini’ Malware Is On Sale For $50 Per Month In The Black Market

The new Houdini malware targets financial institutions and their customers.

AMCA Breach: 20 Million Victims, 19 Class Actions

[bctt tweet="AMCA previously reported that there were only 200,000 victims in the recent breach, but their…

DDoS Attack Against Telegram Was Politically Linked To Chinese Cyber Operations

[bctt tweet="Telegram confirmed that the powerful DDoS attack came from IP addresses in China and is…

AP Twitter Hack Prompts the Question: How Can we Prevent Hackers?

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Uncle Sam is calling on you to display your patriotism, but it’s in a…