VP Debate Time is 9pm EST on October 11th, 2012


VP debate candidate search interest

If you’ve been waiting to see the Vice President and Republican running mate Paul Ryan debate, tonight is your chance. This will be the one and only debate between the two on live TV. You can catch the debate on every major network channel (CBS, NBC & ABC) at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST and 6pm PST. We’ve included a graphic of the search interest of the Vice Presidential Candidates above so that you can see where interest currently is. Both candidates have seen spikes in interest the closer the one on one debate gets.

Many websites and news programs will be providing live coverage as the debate unfolds in a live setting. Many pundits feel this will be a verbal battle between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. While Vice President Biden had to hold back in 2008 in his debate with Sarah Palin, this year he is already the VP and is in the power seat and can be more attack focused with policies and issues with Republican Ryan.

Last year Sarah Palin had help from Steve Schmidt with debate preparation and in a recent interview Mr. Schmidt left it open whether Biden would be attacking Ryan. Mr. Schmidt was quoted in HTR News saying, “There won’t be any restraint in this debate.” Essentially what most people are saying is that no one will feel sorry for Paul Ryan and expect him to hold his own or crumble at the podium.

The debate will be held in Danville, Kentucky at Centre College where domestic issues and foreign affairs will be covered. Segments in the debate will be divided into 9 sections that are expected to be around 10 minutes in length. The official time the moderator will give candidates to respond is two minutes. The moderator for this debate will be Martha Raddatz from ABC News as the Chief Foreign Correspondent. With the debate starting at 9:00pm Easter Standard Time it is scheduled to end at 10:30pm EST, 9:30pm CST, 8:30pm MST and 7:30pm PST.

Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Face Off in Debate Tonight

WSJ’s Peter Nicholas gives a preview of the Vice-Presidential debate, held in the Norton Center on the campus of Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Photo: (left) Associated Press/ (right) AFP.

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