Shark Attack at Surfside Beach in Texas: Garrett Sebest Pulls Shark off Leg


Surfside Beach Shark Attack

Garrett Sebesta was at Surfside Beach, located about 65 miles south of Houston, Texas with a church group when he felt something bite his left leg.

Being only waist-deep, he reached into the water and hit the shark with his left hand and pulled the shark off.

“He literally reached down and pulled the shark off of him, pulled the shark off of his leg, which is how he got the lacerations on his hand,” explained Surfside police officer and EMT Zuandra Monnat.

“He had to get it off him some way and that was probably the best way to do it,” said Assistant Chief Gregg Bisso. The shark bit the 15-year old’s left hand in the process.

Paula Givens was on the beach when Sebesta came ashore. “He was paddling in and everybody just started rushing toward him and he was like screaming and crying,” she said.

Being a nurse, Givens tried to stop the bleeding immediately, wrapping up his calf and hand and putting pressure on them.

Authorities called in Life Flight to airlift the 15-year-old with hopes that the damage to his hand could be repaired without losing it.

Sebesta was airlifted to the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he then underwent surgery, his mother told KHOU News 11 in Houston. It is the first of several, she says.

Surfside Beach Shark Attack

Garrett Sebesta has severe nerve damage to his left hand and a big chunk of his calf is missing, his mother explained.

This is the first shark attack in over 25-years for Surfside Beach. Surfside Beach Police Assistant Chief Gregg Bisso says, “It’s been over 25 years since we’ve had a shark attack here, or a serious shark bite here.”

It wasn’t immediately clear what type of shark attacked the teen.

Garrett Sebesta is now in stable condition at the Houston hospital.

Surfside Shark Attack

Shark attack at Surfside Beach in Texas.

Shark Bites Teen’s Hand, Leg at Texas Beach

Fifteen year old attacked by a shark.

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