Prague Explosion Caused by Gas Leak, Injures up to 40


Prague Explosion

An explosion in Prague, Czech Republic has injured as many as 40 people.

The blast occurred on Divadelni Street at about 10 a.m. Emergency workers are now using dogs to search for people trapped in the rubble of the building on Divadelni Street from the explosion.

Five streets in Prague’s Old Town were covered with debris. Police are trying to determine what caused the blast in a building on Divadelni Street.

The explosion blew out windows in neighboring buildings, including Prague’s landmark Cafe Slavia. The building where the blast occurred also includes the Prague FAMU film school and the social sciences faculty of the Charles University.

The Nova Scena, a modernist part of the National Theater, had its windows blown out as well.

“We estimate up to 40 people were injured,” Zdenek Schwarz, the chief of Prague paramedics, said on Czech Television. “These are mostly light injuries, cuts, bruises, injuries from glass. We estimate no more than four seriously injured, but this is preliminary information,” he said.

The Prague police department said it suspected a natural gas explosion but was not certain.

Police sealed off the area and evacuated 230 people from nearby buildings, fearing further gas leaks, Prague police spokesman Tomas Hulan said, adding that several hundred officers were called into action after the explosion.

Prague is a major tourist capital, visited every year by students, backpackers and other people from around the world. Accoring to Washington Post, in 2012, a total of 5.4 million people visited the city as tourists, with a large majority those from outside the country many from Germany, Russia and the United States.

The road closures from the Prague explosion caused major traffic disruption and confused thousands of tourists.

Prime Minister Petr Necas said in a statement he was “deeply affected by the tragedy.”

Prague Explosion May Have Buried Victims

A powerful explosion damaged a building in the center of the Czech capital. The blast was heard through Prague’s streets, and some of the nearly 40 wounded appeared dazed with blood on their faces. Officials fear other victims are buried.

Prague explosion injures dozens

A powerful gas blast ripped through a block of flats in Prague’s historic centre injuring around 40 people.

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