Minneapolis Man Quickly Learns it’s Illegal to Spit on Sidewalks After Receiving $115 Fine


Spitting Illegal
A Minneapolis man learned quickly that spitting on the sidewalk is illegal.

Myles Thomas was walking to a pizza place with his friends when he spit as they were walking. He suggested that spitting help overcome a minor illness he was recovering from.

The 21-year-old was fined $115 after spitting on the sidewalk, which the city defines as a misdemeanor. According to a city ordinance, spitting on sidewalks, buses, or public areas carries the $115 fine, KARE-TV in Minneapolis reported.

St. Paul has a similar law warning that spitting on the floor or furnishing of a boat, canoe, building or walkway also costs offenders $115.

Thomas was shocked when officers fined him. “For spitting I guess I’ll just have to bring a bag or something and spit in a bag,” Thomas said.

“It’s a little wacky,” he added. “I mean, what can you do though? It is a law. You’re supposed to obey the laws of the land.”

Thomas noted that he’ll pay the fine.

Spitting in public is illegal and holds bigger fines in other parts of the world, like London, where a man was prosecuted in court for the crime.

Waltham Forest, in London became the first local authority to bring a successful prosecution for spitting in the street.

Waltham Forest deputy leader Clyde Loakes told the Daily Mail: “We are going after anti-social spitters who really irritate our residents by leaving piles of spit on streets and in bus shelters. It’s common decency. Hopefully we can eradicate this disgusting habit. There has been a groundswell of support for the fixed penalty notices. Our residents see them as quick, immediate justice and we’ve been contacted by people all around Britain who want their councils to take action too. Now we have tested this in the courts, we’re pretty sure other councils will follow suit.”

A council spokesman told the Telegraph around 25 penalty notices had been handed out since the policy’s introduction in February.

Minneapolis man must pay $115 for spitting

Police caught Myles Thomas red-handed, cited him for a misdemeanor of spitting on the sidewalk and gave him the really bad news. According to a city ordinance, spitting on sidewalks, buses, or public areas carries a $115 fine.


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