John Potter, a 91-year old Being Evicted by his Daughter Raises $128,000


John Potter Evict

John Potter, a 91-year old World War II veteran is being evicted by his daughter from a home he built 56 years ago in Zaleski, Ohio.

In 2004, John Potter and his late-wife, gave the general power of attorney to his daughter, Janice Cottrill in case of health declining in the future, which included taking care of her autistic adult brother, who is now 63-years old.

In 2004 John’s daughter Janice used her power of attorney to transfer his house into her name, as a gift to herself.

It wasn’t until 2010 that the family noticed the deed transfer and switched power of attorney to his granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, who is 35-years old.

The retired train dispatcher for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, sued to get his home back, arguing that his daughter had transferred the deed to herself illegally. Those with the power of attorney are not permitted to transfer assets to themselves from the estate they oversee.

John Potter Eviction

Unfortunately, while he may have won in Vinton Country Court, according to ABC News, “appeals court ruled last year that the statute of limitations of four years had passed on the accusation of breach of fiduciary duty and thus the deed could not be handed back to Potter.”

Janice and Dean Cottrill have voiced their intentions to sell the house that John Potter built, that he currently resides in.

In January 2013 the Cottrill’s filed with the Vinton County Courts to have John evicted and forcibly removed from his home.

An eviction hearing will take place on June 12, during which the judge will have no choice but to evict John Potter.

Janice Cottrill has put the word out that she would allow him to stay in the home if enough money could be raised to buy it.

Currently, May 16 John and his granddaughter have raised $127,805 on

“I just woke up to our goal being reached! Dreams really only do come true when you wake up! I can’t wait to call Grandpa later this morning and share the news.” Jaclyn wrote on the blog. “Thank you all! Those words seem so shallow compared to what I feel. All of your hearts reaching out to him is such an amazing gift”

John Potter turns 92 on May 23.

Thank you from Grandpa

A short note to all of you! Please donate if you have not. We are still working toward our goal of saving his home.

Please Help Grandpa

Taking about buying the property and building the house. Please show your support for Grandpa donate and share his story!

Grandpa answers your questions

Grandpa answers your questions! Everything from Fast Food to PTSD! Please share Grandpa’s story! Help stop him from being evicted from his home by his daughter!

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