Gabby Giffords Interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC 20/20


Gabby Giffords InterviewGabrielle Giffords who was the Arizona congresswoman shot in the head in January in a gun rage did her first television interview with ABC‘s Diane Sawyer on Monday Night. She could understand the questions being asked, but could only respond in simple words. Gabby Giffords has gone through intensive therapy to get to where she is today. “She spends every day in rehab, eight hours a day.” Mark Kelly, former astronaut and Gabby Giffords husband told ABC News.

Gabrielle Giffords said she will not return to Congress until she is “better.” Mark Kelly said that she would like to run in 2012, but she hasn’t made the decision yet. “She has some time and you know she has to do this on her own schedule and decide in her own way,” he said. “She’ll know. I mean, she’s getting there. You know it all looks really positive. So we’re excited about that. She pays attention to what’s going on. She reads the New York Times and the Arizona papers every day. And if we got into that kind of a situation, she’ll make the decision. I wouldn’t rule that out.”

Jared Loughner, 23, is accused of shooting Giffords with wounding 12 others and killing six people at a meet-and-greet event for the congresswoman outside a Tucson, Arizona, shopping center. He is currently in a mental health facility and is going to be re-evaluated in early 2012 for his trail. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and the bullet passed through the left side of her brain which is the side that controls the right side of her body.Gabby Giffords Interview with Diane Sawyer

Giffords is becoming more upbeat and smiling with a positive attitude. Her husband, Mark Kelly uses the word “Brave” to describe the way he thinks of her. When asked if she remembers anything about that day in January, Giffords said, “Gone.” Doctors advised her husband to only give limited details on that day, but on March 12, Kelly was reading her a news article about her recovery when he skipped over a paragraph. Not knowing how well she has begun to follow words, when she grabbed the paper from him and pointed to the paragraph he skipped. In that paragraph it talked about other people dying and she was very upset. She cried and moaned about the others.

Watch the video clips below of the Interview of Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly with Diane Sawyer on ABC.

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