Frontier Airlines to Start Charging for Carry-on’s and Beverages Starting Summer 2013


Frontier Carry On Fee

Frontier Airlines will start to charge this summer, 2013 for carry-on bags.

This new carry-on fee is for bags being placed in the overhead bin, small personal items that fit under the seat will still be free. Frontier said it will charge $25 if the fee is paid in advance, $100 if travelers wait to pay at the gate.

Ascent and Summit level members of Frontier’s EarlyReturns® program will continue to receive access to the overhead bins without any additional charge.

Frontier says this change will increase overhead space for Frontier’s most loyal customers and speed the boarding process for all passengers.

Frontier Carry on

“With this change, we are ensuring that our most loyal customers — Ascent and Summit level members of EarlyReturns, those who book Economy, Classic and Classic Plus tickets, including all customers who book through, will have more space onboard the aircraft for their carry-on bags,” Frontier CEO David Siegel says in a statement. “As we unbundle our product further, we ensure those customers who want the absolute lowest fares can always find them at”

That’s not the only thing Frontier has decided to ‘Enhance’ for customers. As part of the changes for an Ultra Low Cost Carrier, Frontier will begin charging for onboard beverages this summer as well.

Effective July 1, 2013, customers who purchase Economy or Basic fares will be charged $1.99 for coffee, tea, soda and juice. All on-board purchases continue to require a credit or debit card.

All customers will now receive the full can of soda or juice and customers who choose coffee, will be offered free refills. In addition, Frontier will be improving the beverage selection, including adding a premium tea and Boyer’s Premium 100% Arabica coffee.

Again, beverages will continue to be free for Ascent and Summit level EarlyReturns® members, as well as for all customers who purchase Classic and Classic Plus fares, when they show their boarding pass or EarlyReturns® membership card.

“Frontier continues to make it easier for customers flying with Frontier to pay only for the services they use, which allows us to continue lowering fares,” said Daniel Shurz, Frontier’s senior vice president.

Once this change has been implemented, Frontier bag fees will be priced as follows:

Fare Type Checked Carry-on
Summit & Ascent $0 $0
Classic Plus $0 $0
Classic $0 $0
Economy: lowest fares
First bag: $20 (when
checking in at or $25
at the airport;
Second bag: $20
Basic: lowest fares
through outside booking
First bag: $20 (when
checking in at or $25
at the airport;Second bag: $20
$25-100 (customers
enjoy the lowest price
by checking in at

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