Colorado Springs Fire Arson Investigation By FBI & Police Underway


Colorado Springs Fire Arson

The out of control fires that broke out in Waldo Canyon in Colorado Springs, CO have started to fuel speculation that some of it could be due to arson. Numerous confirmations from news outlets getting emails from the FBI say that investigations are underway to decide whether an arsonist was responsible for some or all of the fires.

Fox News had released a statement from Dave Joly, FBI spokesman in an email that said, “The FBI Denver Division is working closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement to determine if any of the wildland fires resulted from criminal activity.” The Denver Post added to the statement from Dave Joly saying, “FBI personnel are supporting command post operations in the fire regions and offering assistance with managing the volumes of information related to these tragic events.”

The fire was recognized and reported around 12:00pm on Saturday June 23rd, 2012 as record heat waves started to hit the Midwest. At this point there is no official statement to the cause of the Waldo Canyon Fire that continued to burn into Colorado Springs taking out historic locations like the Flying W. Ranch. A statement on the Flying W. Ranch’s homepage from Flying W. Ranch Management, Staff & Ownership announced, “With much sadness we have to report that the Flying W Ranch as well as several homes in the Mountain Shadows area has in fact been burned to the ground. We ask that in this sad time that you remember the Flying W and the Wolfe family who has owned and operated the Flying W Ranch since 1953.”

At this point confusion and anger has set in as rumors start to spread among residents in Colorado Springs about potential criminal activity. The Colorado Springs arsonist speculation has been fueled by Teller County fires that have been confirmed as arson fires. So far the Denver Post reports that nearly thirteen of the fires in Teller County were set by a serial arsonist but had all been caught in time. Now it seems it is up to the FBI Denver Division and local police to figure out the question burning in people’s minds: Were the Colorado Springs Fires set by an arsonist?

For more information on the Waldo Canyon Fires & Live Video streams on what is going visit this story: Waldo Canyon Fire Continues to Burn: Pikes Peak Closed [Video]

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