Catherine Kieu Becker Found Guilty in Cutting off Husband’s Manhood


Catherine Kieu Becker Trial

Catherine Kieu was found guilty of charges of torture and aggravated mayhem for a July 11, 2011 attack on her husband.

Southern California jurors convicted Catherine Kieu who was accused of drugging her estranged husband before severing his penis and tossing it in the garbage disposal.

Prosecutors said Catherine Kieu, 50-years old, planned out the attack by drugging her husband, following an argument after he filed for divorce two months prior, after only 16-months of marriage.

She continued living at the residence and one night placed drugs in his dinner. The attack was preceded by an argument over the victim’s friends staying at the residence, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

After he fell to sleep that night, she tied him to the bed and screamed, “You deserve it,” while she cut off his genitals with a 10-inch kitchen knife and tossed it down a garbage disposal, prosecutors said.

Kieu called 911 to report a medical emergency, and responding officers found the man still tied to the bed.

During the trail, the 60-year-old victim testified that his genitals could not be reattached and that he felt as though he had been murdered.

Defense attorneys accused the victim, only known as Glen B, of being a sexual fiend who forced Kieu to have intercourse with him. The two met at a gym.

Catherine Kieu Becker put audio devices around the house, trying to catch him having sex with someone else, but didn’t discover anything.

Her attorneys also pointed out that Kieu’s mom died when she was 5-years-old and alleged Kieu had been raped when she was 6-years-old.

Catherine Kieu could face life in prison without the possibility of parole when she is sentenced on June 28.

Woman Who Threw Husband’s Genitals in Garbage Disposal on Trial

A woman who wanted her husband to “stop hurting her” and believed he was cheating cut off his penis after drugging him.

Catherine Kieu Becker is going on trial for cutting off her husband’s penis and throwing it into a garbage disposal. Her lawyers say he verbally abused her and she had a traumatic past in which she was raped.

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