Big Bird Costume and President Masks on Top for Halloween 2012


President Masks

With Halloween rapidly approaching millions of children, Adults, and yes even our furry  four legged friends are gearing up (literally and figuratively) for what they hope will be a fun-filled Halloween night. I did not think I would put politics and Halloween in the same sentence, but for this year’s Halloween the most popular and most wanted costumes around the nation, centers around both presidential candidates. Two of the more popular masks for Halloween are the faces of President Barrack Obama, and Mitt Romney.

Big Bird Halloween Costume

On they have what they like to call “The Official Presidential Mask Poll 2012“. They have been doing this for the past few presidential elections and have actually been right on the money as to who wins the election. The streak has been going on since 2000 and the candidate that has sold the most Halloween masks has gone on to win the election, and so far this year, the Obama mask has been slightly outselling the Romney mask. While we’re on the subject of the two candidates, it was the remark from candidate Romney that not only took the Internet by storm, but has seen Big Bird costumes flying off the shelves.

As you may have remembered during the first Presidential debate, Romney stated that he wanted to cut the funding of the popular T.V. network PBS, but went on to say that he likes PBS, and that he loves Big Bird. The sesame street character has not been a popular Halloween costume over the past few years. However this year, it is clearly the hardest costume to find, as stores across the nation are selling out of Big Bird costumes faster than they can bring them in.

“It’s been insanity, just crazy; we are absolutely sold out of Big Bird. We have had tons of requests from everyone, all of our retailers, but we just cannot give them more. We are sold out,” Cheryl Kerzner said vice president for product design and marketing for Disguise, Sesame Workshop’s official costume maker.

If you thought Big Bird was just a child friendly type of costumer character think ago, this year you can find some adults wearing what is being called “Sexy Big Bird”. The costume basically consists of a rather small yellow skirt and matching tube top or low cut shirt. The cuteness of the Big Bird character looks like is being tossed into the Adult level Costumes this year at least.

Other most popular costumes this year for kids include; Princess, Batman, Spiderman, and a witch.  Most popular costumes for adults include; Witch, Vampire, Pirate, and a zombie. We can’t forget about our pets either, so here are the most popular costumes for the pets: Pumpkin, Devil, Hot Dog, and a Bee.

According to the National Retail Foundation, Americans will spend over $370 million on pet costumes, now that is showing your pet some love, well unless they just look sad and annoyed that you dressed them up. Americans will also spend close to $3 Billion on children and adult costumes this year according to the NRF.

Will you be dressing up this year, if so what are you going to be?

Big Bird Costume for Halloween

Ellen discussed the election-themed costumes for Halloween, as well as why everyone likes to make them sexy.

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