14-Foot Alligator Caught in Texas by Teen Breaks State Record


Texas Alligator

Wildlife animals can be seen by many people as very interesting and majestic creatures throughout the world. Alligators in particular are one of the more ferocious, deadly and complex creatures roaming thousands of swamps around our nation.

Shows like “Swamp People” does a great job at giving viewers a detailed oriented and first person point of view of alligator hunters in Louisiana.

Meanwhile, in Texas there is a recent alligator capture that is making major headlines and breaking records in the process.

Earlier this month, Texas officials in The Fort Bend County area announced a new state record alligator capture, but did not release the name of the person who captured it, until yesterday.

Officials announced that 18 year old Braxton Bielski has claimed the biggest alligator catch in Texas history.  He snagged in a massive gator weighing in well over 800 pounds and stretching just over 14 feet  (14 ft. 3.25 inches to be exact).

The Cinco Ranch High School senior has been dubbed the name “Gator Boy” by his friends at school, and is basking in the glory of his catch.

“I’ve always wanted to hunt alligators since I was little, I never thought I would kill an alligator this size and get to spend time with my dad in the process,” Bielski said.

He and his dad, Troy Bielski had to get one of only 10 alligator permits available for a special five-day hunt at the state’s Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area. Once they received their permit it was off to the Choke Canyon Reservoir to try their luck at catching a gator. This was Braxton’s very first time actually being able to hunt for an alligator, so his mom was a bit skeptical about him going.

“I gave her a good hug before I left to calm her nerves and promised her we wouldn’t jump into the water with any of them,” Braxton said. “My dad did a lot of research online about alligator hunting, and we asked a lot of questions prior to leaving out on our own.”

The two of them gathered their 20-gauge shotguns, ammunition, hooks, lines, raw chicken for bait and hopped in their flat bottom boat with hopes of getting a big alligator last week.

Braxton and his dad set lines in areas along the shore where they thought they had the best chance for success. Amazingly, the next morning both lines were submerged, meaning there were gators on each of them.

Troy captured a female alligator measuring 10.5 feet, but it looked pretty small next to his son’s 14 foot male alligator according to Houston.

“He was under the water and we had to pull him with a string up to the boat, that’s when the head bobbed up, the line got some resistance and that’s when we fired the shotguns,” Bielski said. “We had to drag him beside the boat and across the lake to a sandier beach just to lift him into the boat.”

The record setting 14 foot alligator is said to be around 30 t0 50 years old determined by the Texas wildlife agency. As for Braxton he will leave his “Gator Boy” high school charisma and further his education construction science at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

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