Skechers throw shade at Nike on latest campaign

Sketchers Ad Threw Jabs To Nike Over Zion Williamson Incident

People said that a company’s blunder is another’s a fortune and it rang true for Nike after competitor brands had capitalized in...
online booking

Hotel Booking Sites Have Agreed To Change Their Marketing Strategies After Proven Misleading Offers

Traveling to a foreign country requires much knowledge and research of the place including what food to eat, where to go, and...
Sony Global Influencers

Sony Sees Opportunities In Global Influencers For Summer Releases

Sony Pictures is focusing marketing efforts for its upcoming summer releases on global social media influencers in addition to traditional journalists. In the past, it wasn’t...
Amazon Prime

Amazon’s Second Prime Day Drove Massive Mobile Engagement Boost

Amazon’s second annual shopping-deal holiday led to a massive jump in sales, many coming from mobile, it also attracted more than 1 million new mobile...

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