‘Mega Man X DiVE’ Closed Beta slated for a major PvP update

It's a multiplayer jump n' shoot fest.

Man Sells Old NES Game for $9,000

Way more than just a delightful attic find.

‘Street Fighter V’ Update Gets E.Honda, Poison, And Lucia

Now the entire classic Street Fighter II roster is complete.

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Latest Trailer Shows Off A Kickass Morgana

Time to show off what our rad musketeer feline can do in the upcoming sequel.

Chinese Tariffs Could Raise PlayStation Prices Soon

Sony gives a stern warning to the impending crisis.

Gravity Announces New Cross-Platform ‘Ragnarok Online’ Title

Climbing from the ladder of success of recent Ragnarok Online-based games.

You Can Play Diablo On Your Browser Now

Idle browser gaming just turned up its nostalgia a few notches.

‘Dragon Quest’ Heroes Arrives In ‘Smash Ultimate’ Today

The Hero draws near is finally here!

Amazon Now Accepts Nintendo Switch Lite Pre-Orders

Grab one before the color you want is gone.

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Developer Evades Tax In The UK For 10 Years

All the while even gaining more.

‘Disgaea RPG’ Pushes For Game Service Relaunch In November

From the earlier update of just "fall this year."

‘Blair Witch’ Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Please not the dog. Please not the dog. Please not the dog.

‘Yo-kai Watch’ Remake: More Retail Details Confirmed

The original game, from the makers of Ni no Kuni.

Android Unofficially Makes Its Way To The Nintendo Switch

XDA Developers makes the "big" announcement once again.

Teen Wins $3 Million By Playing Fortnite

16-year-old Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf has won the biggest e-games competition, The Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games’ Fornite World Cup Starts This Weekend

Only one to survive wins the prize!

A New NVIDIA Shield TV Filing Just Hit The FCC

That's a double confirmation as of today.

Discord (Finally) Implements Server Folders

Time to clean up that side clutter at long, long last.

‘Monster Rancher’ Is Making Big Comeback With A Remake

In celebration of the franchise's 21st anniversary.

‘Alan Wake’ And ‘For Honor’ Currently Available For Free

Grab your copy until August 8th!

‘Project Sakura Wars’ New Details Revealed, Plus Official Release Date

The Imperial Assault Force dashes once again.

Xbox One Bids Goodbye To Cortana

And in no time too soon.

‘Super Robot Wars V’ and ‘X’ Coming to Nintendo Switch And Steam

The revival of the franchise is coming over to Switch and PC!

Nintendo Finally Acknowledges Joy-con Drift Issue, Offers Free Temporary Fix

Better pay for customer services than pay for lawyers it seems.

‘Overwatch’ Newest Hero Sigma Shows Off His Attractive Skills

Gravity is a harness indeed.

‘Oninaki’ Demo Now Out, Test The Might Of Your Daemons

Don't forget the Nintendo Switch package deal for those interested.

Tencent’s TIMi Studio Group Reveals Joint Pokémon Project

A new Pokemon title in the works, from a team affiliated with the owner of games…

‘Digimon Survive’ Opening Trailer Gives Off Strong ‘Persona’ Vibes

The newest teaser for the next Shin Megami Tensei serie— oh wait.

‘Rockman X DiVE’ Capcom’s Blue Bomber Entry Into Mobile?

It is a new Mega Man game indeed, but probably not the one you were expecting.

‘Interstellar Space: Genesis’ Launch Trailer Builds Galactic Hype

Praxis Games is now ready for ignition with the game's launch.

‘Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD’ Gives More Teasers of its New Game Modes

Multiplayer modes have gone bananas.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leaked Footage Finally Shows Each Avenger In Action

Avengers gameplay assembled?

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Gunfight Mode Impresses In Crisp, Clear 4K

'Dueling' in 4k has never been this frenetic.

Invites For Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha Test Now Out

Registrants are advised to wait until it arrives.

‘Touhou: Lost Word’ Takes The Touhou Series Deeper Into Mobile

At the very least though, the game may perhaps become Touhou's most collaborative fanwork collection ever.

Google Stadia Reddit AMA: Most Important Questions Answered

And the speculation continues.

Resident Evil 5 And 6 Invades Nintendo Switch This Fall

A perfect release date for the classic survival horror high-octane action franchise.

‘Detective Pikachu’ Now the Highest Grossing Video Game Movie Of All Time

On just its first few months at the box office.

Young Gamer Spends Almost $4,000 In ‘Hidden Artifacts’ Microtransaction

Apparently on just one single game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets Its Escape Room Experience

Play not as Leon or Claire, but as you!

More Than 4,000 Developers Are Now Signed-up For Google Stadia

Developer support for Stadia is just getting started.

Is The PS5 A Technological Necessity?

A look into the upcoming exciting technologies of the PS4's grand successor.

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Top Game Picks And Deals

Wrapping up our short list of good deals for this year's 'prime' event.

Turbografx-16 Mini Game Lineup, Price, And Availability Announced

The retro-console craze continues yet again.

‘Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’ Hype Ramps Up Further

Coming very soon this fall.

Farewell 3DS, ‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ Is Taking Over

It would seem that Nintendo's current flagship console still wasn't as portable as they would have…

Retro Commodore 64 Is Back With A Full-Sized Release

Emulation at its maximum? We certainly hope so.

‘Blue Protocol’ First Look, Bandai Namco’s First Foray Into Action MMOs

A sneak-peek at the upcoming "anime movie"-esque MMORPG.

‘River City Girls’ Trailer Shows Beating Punks And Rescuing Boyfriends

This time, it's our main brawling hooligans who need to be saved.

Warframe Wants You To Go To Space, But There’s A Catch

Hint: It's not going to be a luxury cruise.

PlayStation Classic Price Down 75 Percent

And its next sale might let it drop even harder.

‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Will Never Be The Same

And that's a good thing.

Aquaplus Broke Promises With ‘Utawarerumono’ Going Mobile

The days of Aquaplus "campaigning" against mobile games with the Utawarerumono series is officially over.

Don’t Be Too Optimistic For Google Stadia

Last month, as more information unveiled for the upcoming service via the first Stadia Connect live…

Surprise Mechanics Now The Most Notorious Gaming Meme For EA

Last week, at a hearing with the UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, the…

Science Revealed Who The Best Mario Kart Racer Is, And It’s Not Mario

TweetShare291SharePin88379 Shares Science has revealed the best racer in the Mario Kart series, and players call…

‘Final Fantasy’ Franchise Is Gearing Up: News On Live-Action Movies, Remakes, And Expansion Packs

Final Fantasy fans rejoice — as Sony announces the development of Final Fantasy XIV's live-action adaptation.…

Halle Berry Confirms To Join Fortnite Battle: “See You Soon, Mr. Wick”

TweetShare325SharePin62387 Shares Epic Game announces that new skin will join John Wick. Also known as Sofia,…

Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo Unite Against New Tariff Rates

Video game giants Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, signed a joint letter requesting the lift of increase…

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ AR Game Launch This Friday

[bctt tweet="The makers of Pokémon Go is releasing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with more challenges and…

Watch: ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ Receives A Sequel

TweetShare70SharePin201271 Shares At the end of the Nintendo Direct for E3 2019, Ninty announced that the…

Games Coming With Xbox Project Scarlett

[bctt tweet="Microsoft released a ton of new trailers for its E3 keynote to come along with…

How ‘Xbox Project Scarlett’ Is Microsoft’s Vision For The Future Of Gaming

[bctt tweet="Here's Microsoft Xbox's new console called Project Scarlett, its Xbox Gold and Game Pass bundle,…

Apple Announces Winners For This Year’s Design Awards

[bctt tweet="Here's the nine new winners for the Apple Design Awards — mobile games dominate." username="Z6Mag"]

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Gets Even More Realistic

Highlight: Call of Duty will give the whole 360-degree experience in times of war: a soldier,…

MSI GS75 Review: Gaming Laptops Gain Prices And Power with Nvidia RTX Cards

[bctt tweet="How the new MSI GS75 fairs with new Nvidia RTX graphics card" username="Z6Mag"]

SteelSeries Apex Pro Offers Adjustable Keyboard Switches For Typing And Gaming

[bctt tweet="SteelSeries announced an innovative design to the keyboard that would serve effectively for gamers and…

Behold! Minecraft Earth Will Take Over This Summer

TweetShare336SharePin49385 Shares If you have a kid, there’s a possibility that you spent little over an…

Here’s Why Yoozoo Capitalized Significantly On Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming Browser Game

TweetShare344SharePin13357 Shares Game of Thrones Winter is Coming game has been launched weeks after the release…