DoorDash makes new promise to pay tips next month

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Following the backlash against DoorDash after reports that the company, who previously did not…

Indian startups are now exempted from ‘angel tax’

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares India is finally closing the books for a long-standing dispute that has affected the…

DoorDash is still ‘stealing’ their riders’ tips

Riders for DoorDash are now asking their customers to tip them in cash instead.

‘Mahmee’ is a startup that wants to help new mothers through an app

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Mahmee aims to help new mothers to safeguard their health through an app that…

TuSimple self-driving trucks is the future of cargo delivery

TweetShare4SharePin4 Shares Cargo and mails have been delivered inside Arizona by self-driving trucks that people don’t…

Flatfair aims to provide better deposit-free rental service with new funding

Flatfair's insurance-based system is becoming a method landlords opt instead of costly security deposits

The Hotel-by-the-minute startup, ‘Recharge’ now calls itself Globe

Recharge rebranded to become Globe to focus more on home-stay services.

Space launch startup ‘Vector’ mired with financial issues

Amid reports of other problems.

Aquinox merges with cancer-specialist startup Neoleukin

Doubling the cancer treatment development efforts.

FlixMobility will take over transportation with new funding

FlixMobility includes busses and trains but is also looking to include cars and planes too

Podcast-helping platform, Glow raised $2.3M in funding

Enabling a platform that caters to both listeners and podcast creators.

Toyota and AI startup Preferred Networks team up to enhance assistant robots

Towards a full, machine-learned support system.

Nike acquired startup company, Celect to understand consumer preference better and clean up its inventory

Celect is an AI cloud computing tech that will enable Nike to understand its customers better.

Startups are starting to use bitcoin as payments but taxation system remains a roadblock

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares The future of bitcoin as a payment system is at risk as regulators are…

After securing a $72 million funding and a new partnership, LanzaTech aims to expand the technology

LanzaTech uses trained bacteria to feed off carbon emissions to produce ethanol.

Spaceflow transforms buildings into a desirable experience

Spaceflow is a digital concierge where it grants you access to desired amenities and activities.

This 22-year-old dominated Silicon Valley with new machine-learning technology

Scale AI Inc. helps companies by training their tech to become smarter and more efficient.

The Federal Reserve will soon develop a round-the-clock payment service

They are asking your comments and suggestions on how to design the FedNow service.

You Could Soon Make Your Own Clothes With This AI That Creates Machine-Readable Knitting Patterns

MIT researchers trained an AI to translate photos into knitting patterns in two different software called…