Articles by Jay Castillo

Andy Reid as Iron Man

We found the real secret why Andy Reid lead the chiefs as Superbowl champions. He’s no other than Iron man. Please spread the news

What is a VPN

When it comes to solutions to protect privacy on the Internet, VPN (Tor Web Proxy) is an option, but does it strike a good balance…

RingCentral VoIP Review

VoIP has had a significant shift from a technology exclusively used by the early adopters or hobbyist to a widely adopted business form of communication….

Can We End Payday Loans?

We can’t neglect the fact that debt is one of the pressing problems in the country, especially in today’s economy. Current statistics revealed that over…

Mesothelioma: The 5Ws And 1H

Despite current and upcoming health innovations, various health concerns continue to rise. However, these concerns do not stop researchers from coming up with ideas to…