Learning the violin online during the pandemic


Music schools have had to reinvent the way they taught the art form for generations due to the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Violin class Singapore options are available online and students must have suitable Wi-fi connection in order to get the best out of their class. The coronavirus pandemic lockdown began in mid-March, and many industries had to change their ways to keep businesses running. Violin lessons Singapore schools had to reimagine their ways of teaching and transform it into remote learning. This means learning the violin online through a virtual class. Group violin lessons were a little challenging to transform. However, one-to-one lessons and academic classes went online. There were and are several cases where recitals and performances will be held online as well.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of tackling online violin lessons Singapore sessions during the pandemic. This will prepare you for what to expect when learning violin remotely.

1. Online lessons are more convenient

The main benefit that comes from online violin class Singapore lessons is that it will be convenient. During uncertain times like this, going out for educational studies is not appropriate, especially since it’s a pandemic. Therefore, it will be a requirement for students to study from home remotely. This is good in a way as you will be able to grow as a violinist from the comfort of your own home.

In this case, there will be no need to travel to another location. This will save travel time and there will be more flexibility when it comes to scheduling the violin class Singapore session times. As you will be at home more frequently, you will have more available time to take up the lessons and are not restricted to the fixed timings. Online violin lessons Singapore classes will allow you to be more in control of setting your learning pace. However, the violin class Singapore instructor will still make sure to guide you and help you progress as much as possible.

2. Online lessons are more cost-effective

Due to convenience and flexibility for both the teacher and student, online violin lessons may be lower-prices than traditional in-house lessons. They save transportation costs. Since you will be training online, this will save studio costs as well. Teachers will not have to pay rent for a studio.

Therefore, the online violin class Singapore sessions may be more affordable in that sense. If you are passionate about wanting to learn the violin but may not have large sums to do so. It seems to be that now is the time to do so. Due to the pandemic, many up-and-coming violin lessons Singapore teachers have started their teaching business online. Therefore, their prices for online lessons are more affordable than it is in-house.

3. Online lessons can give you more choice

Many violin enthusiasts simply do not have access to reliable violin lessons Singapore options and music teachers in the area. If you live in a rural area, or are a family that moves around a lot, it can be next to impossible to find a good teacher who will work for you. Now, because of the pandemic, there are more options of violin class Singapore lessons online. Therefore, taking online lessons can mean you will have more choice to find the suitable teacher for you. It is also considered a private violin lessons because you can still contact them even if they don’t live in the country. Your options can even run across the globe! The pandemic has created an online scene where there are now so many platforms to find and connect with an online teacher in various industries. The violin being one.

4. Online lessons can offer unique benefits

Websites that now offer online violin lessons Singapore tutorials can also offer other tools such as e-learning support, community forums, premium digital content and training modules. Going online wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Especially being in such a highly technologically advanced society. Sharing content and connecting with others that are online can be more effective than it is in person. You can even find communicating with others is quicker and easier. You will have the chance to speak to a supportive online community that can guide you if you hit any bumps during your online training.

The drawbacks of online violin lessons

1. Online lessons will require strong internet connection

If your home internet is slow or has a poor connection, this could negatively impact your online violin lessons. The lack of Wi-Fi is rarely an issue; however, the internet connection is not always stable and can possibly go out during scheduled lesson time. This means you will have to reschedule the lesson.

2. Online lessons may require more personal motivation

Going to a studious environment and meeting with your fellow students and instructors face-to-face may have a more motivating factor when it comes to playing the violin. For example, if you are relying on pre-recorded tutorials to learn to play the violin, the only person that will be holding you accountable for the session is yourself. You may decide that you are feeling lazy and want to just skip your lessons for the day. Being at home is convenient, however playing the violin on your own without a physical teacher there can be less motivating.

3. Online lessons won’t allow any physical guidance

Strong and correct physical posture is fundamental when it comes to playing the violin. This drawback is specifically for beginners who are trying to get the hang of playing the instrument. Beginners may handle the violin ineffectively which could lead to poor performance results. That is why it is usually much easier for an instructor to handle posture and technique issues in person. With social distancing now in place due to the pandemic, that may not be possible for a very long time.

In summary

The pandemic should not stop you from wanting to learn the violin or any instrument in that case. There are always ways to learn even during such circumstances. Online violin lessons Singapore teachers more available now. This is a great temporary fix for the uncertain times we are in. Keep music alive by learning online. Want to know more about the violin and lessons in Singapore? Have a browse around our website for more information.

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