Why You Need a Knowledge Base for Your Digital Marketing Efforts


Every year, more and more ambitious people ditch their regular jobs and start looking for ways to start their own businesses and start making their dreams come true. 

Thanks to the internet and the rapid development of new technologies, many new companies are starting to appear. 

Thanks to the internet and the rapid development of new technologies, many new companies are starting to appear. 

Even though more companies are an essentially positive thing, there is one huge downside for those that are starting their own business—more competition for everyone.

The customer base, as well as the potential of many businesses, is huge. The number of different available channels that these new businesses can use to market their services or products is also huge. 

One of the best channels for all new businesses, as well as all businesses in general, is digital marketing. With digital marketing, companies have the potential to transform the way you reach your customers and engage with them. 

Digital marketing is also the most cost-effective way to market your business. It is also the most measurable form of marketing because it allows you to easily see which of your tactics are working and which are not.

No matter what type of business are your running, your industry, and the way you approach marketing is almost always changing. This is the main reason why you should consider implementing a knowledge base for your digital marketing efforts.

In this short knowledge base guide, we will be exploring the concepts of a knowledge base for your digital marketing efforts. We will also teach you everything you need to know to ensure that you can maximize your potential for marketing your business as effectively as possible.

What Is a Knowledge Base?

First, let us define exactly what a knowledge base is. 

A knowledge base is a self-serve library that offers a variety of relevant information about a product, service, or topic. In our case, the knowledge base will serve as a reference point for all your digital marketing initiatives.

The knowledge base can be in the form of a document library or a forum where other teammates assist with adding info to it. 

If you have customer support in your company, a self-service knowledge base can be an excellent way to streamline a part of your customer support into the knowledge base. 

This could potentially result in more satisfied customers for fewer resource costs, as your reps will spend less time answering the most common questions, which are now in the knowledge base.

Benefits of Using a Knowledge Base for Your Digital Marketing

Now that we know what a knowledge base is, let us take a look at why you need one for your digital marketing.

Backlog of All Your Previous Activities

If you are just starting out with digital marketing, it will not be hard to remember everything you did. However, over time, the more digital marketing campaigns you do, the harder will be for you to remember what you did.

That is why it is smart to log all your digital marketing activities. You should log as much as info about your campaigns and initiatives as you can. This means that you should log all the assets you have used, the goal of the campaign, as well as the results you have achieved. 

By keeping everything on record, you will be able to easily analyze your marketing efforts, you will be able to quickly find what worked and what did not work in the past. 

This will significantly cut your time when working on any future marketing campaigns, as you can quickly see your results in previous similar initiatives.

Also, when you are making reports, it is much easier if all your data is stored in one place, your knowledge base. Plus, you are not dependent on any third-party apps, which are quite common in the digital marketing space.

There is another huge benefit of having a backlog of all your previous digital marketing activities in your knowledge base. When you hire someone to handle your digital marketing, they will be able to have an insight into everything that you did in the past. 

They can also see all your campaigns and what worked and then maybe do a spin on it and try to get even better results. They could also see where you failed attempts and what did not work and then ensure that they do not repeat the same mistakes.

Opening up Your Knowledge Base to the Public

Traditionally, knowledge bases were for internal use only. But today, many successful companies are opening up their knowledge base for the public, especially for the customers. 

Consider making certain parts of your knowledge base public. For example, you or one of your employees could write up a knowledge base article about the history of your company. This is something that could interest the general public. 

You could also write an article about all the interesting facts and data related to your business. For example, let’s say that you have a sports equipment store. You could write numerous articles reviewing the best products, or sharing workouts.

You can also write articles about industry news and events and so on. This could be a great source of valuable and relevant information for your customers. Make sure that the articles you write are engaging and interesting to your customers, not just purely technical. 

If you want to write valuable content, it needs to be backed up with valuable knowledge. The best way to reference valuable knowledge is by having a robust knowledge base, not just for your digital marketing activities.

Your Knowledge Base Can Directly Affect the Success of Your Business

No matter what kind of business are you running, Google ranks content that provides value to its readership. 

If you make some of your knowledge base articles public (including your digital marketing related ones), you can also benefit from Google’s SEO boost. The knowledge base articles have to be informative in the first place and Google likes that.

If you want to get the maximum results from this, you need to be smart and think outside of the box.

Make sure that your public knowledge articles are matched with what your customers are looking for. By doing this, you will quickly see improved findability of your business and the traffic of your website. Both of these can directly affect your revenue.

Another way why having a knowledge base for your digital marketing efforts is that it can turn you into a thought leader. No matter your industry, there is a selection of people that stand out from the rest. 

The reason why they stand out is because they are considered to be the best, they are considered to be thought leaders. If you want to become a thought leader in your industry, you can start by writing informative and knowledgeable articles in your knowledge base. 

If you make that knowledge part of your knowledge base public, your target audience will find the articles. If they find those articles valuable, they will share it and more people will hear about you. 

The more people know about you and how knowledgeable you are, the faster you will become a thought leader. When a thought leader is associated with a brand, it is highly likely that that brand will have more sales. 

The reason why this happens is because people are more likely to trust a brand that is associated with a known figure in their industry.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. A look into the what, the how, and the why of using a knowledge base for your digital marketing efforts. We hope that this article has helped you realize the importance of having a knowledge base for your digital marketing efforts.

To quickly sum up:

A knowledge base software can give you many benefits for your business, with the first and the most obvious one being the ability to easily reference back to your previous marketing projects. 

Another benefit of having a knowledge base for your marketing and opening it up to your customers is that it can get your more website visitors, more readership, and more sales. 

By writing konweladale and valuable pieces in your knowledge base, you can become a thought leader, which could also affect your sales.

No matter which benefit attracts you the most, remember that incorporating a knowledge base in how you run your company is one of the best things you can do to improve your business. 

Even though setting up and running a knowledge base is not easy, the benefits of it are almost endless.

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