Why Service Marketplaces are the Future of Freelancing

Do you remember when Fiverr was brand new?

Do you remember how amazing it was that you could find freelancers without having to go through an agency or having to sit through one of those 30-minute “free demos”?

Fiverr changed marketing forever. 

Fiverr was the first service marketplace for finding marketing freelancers and it was launched in 2010. Currently, 36% of the US workforce are freelancers, and this number is expected to rise to over 50% by 2020. 

So with half of the US workforce working as freelancers how do you ensure that your business or brand is working with the best ones? How do you vet them? How do you know that they are actually following best practices?

For most brands, working with freelancers is a hit or miss. 

Sometimes the relationship works out and sometimes it doesn’t, and there have been no really good ways of finding high quality and affordable freelancers – until now. 

Here’s where it gets really interesting. 

Companies have realized these drawbacks of using a simple marketplace like Fiverr and the new trend in the gig economy is the concept of a managed marketplace.

What is a managed marketplace? 

A managed marketplace is not just a directory of freelancers that you can choose from and reach out to. It’s a place where the marketplace vets and picks the best freelancers and experts to work on your project and then monitors their progress and their quality of work. 

So 3 key things – vetting, selecting the freelancers for the brand, and monitoring. 

Fiverr & Upwork – not managed marketplaces. 

They only manage the payments or disputes processes. 

Toptal, Maple, Havenly, and Honor are managed marketplaces.

They pick the freelancers, they select the best ones for the company or client, and they monitor their work. 

Source: Mayple

Wait, but why does that matter? 

Why do you need a managed marketplace?

For several reasons. 

What are the advantages of using a managed marketplace? 

Here are 3 superpowers that managed marketplaces have: 

Higher quality = saves time

Since the expert is vetted by the marketplace, you are almost guaranteed to work with someone who has experience in the specific tasks that you need. The quality of work is much higher, this saves you a lot of time correcting mistakes later and looking for better people. 

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More transparency

A high-quality managed marketplace will monitor the activity of your expert. So if they are working on an ads campaign for your brand, for example, you will know how many times they’ve touched the campaign this week. You will know which accounts they are working on and you will get a weekly call with them or the account manager from the marketplace. 

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Quicker results

Getting access to vetted experts with proven ROI and experience in your industry leads to better and faster results. You can eliminate all the guesswork and hyper-focus on improving your specific project. And you’re going to get much further, faster, with an expert that has 10 years under their belt in that niche. 

So next time you need to find a freelancer look up a managed marketplace and save yourself the time and cost. 

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