The Best Remote Work Articles of July

With the sudden change to the work environment our team has gather the best remote working and work from home articles.

1.) Have you taken the Work From Home Quiz from Zenefits? It’s a must if you want to see how to work from home more effectively.

2.) You’re not alone having issues with your manager working with home. Ask Alison on ask a manager for professional advice. Also, read all her other submissions on her popular blog.

3.) Huff Post/ YouGov did a survey asking workers if they would like to work from home permanently. Found out the results here.

4.) Is remote working taking it toll on your employees? Tammy at ATD got you covered.

5.) Depressed from working from home? Builtin gives several great suggestions on how to cope in the current environment.

6.) Looking to grow your business while working from home? Take advantage of it and learn the cost saving it can have on your business.

7.) A Photographer? Productivity Tips for Photographers Working from Home

8.) Business Leaders gives you 19 Remote Working lessons for your teams.

9.) Watch out, Zoom! Microsoft gives us the future of video conferencing!

10.) Over 3 million workers in the U.K would work from home to save the planet.

11.) First time on a Zoom call. Do these steps as a checklist before jumping on your call.

12.) Learn how to make your office mobile.

13.) The best tip for remote working is to setup a morning ritual.

14.) Can you spot all the scifi references in this article? I can’t! But AllWork.Space explains what can UFOs teach us about remote work

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