Google News Launched A New Publisher Center

Google News Publisher Center UpdateGoogle launched a new update for its Google News Publisher Center. Photo: Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

The Google News team released a redesign of the Google News Publisher Center. According to the official statement released by the Google Team, the changes will “help publishers more easily manage how their content appears across Google products.”

The change merges two existing tools — the Google News Publisher Center and the Google News Producer. Previously, submitting to both platforms requires two separate submissions. This time, all it takes is one tool to organize and manage sites.

Google News Team announcement via Google News Publisher Forum

The new update incorporates all functionality seen from Google Producer. It now accepts RSS, Website URL, Video, and Personalized Feed.

“Additionally, publishers can now point to the URLs for their website’s sections instead of RSS to configure sections in Google News. Content for News will now come directly from the web, just as it does for Search,” says the press release.

The update aims to improve user experience and functionality, allowing publishers to switch through multiple sites easily.

“Publisher Center’s new features include a simpler way to manage your publication’s identity, like updating light and dark theme logos. It also provides an easier way for those that own multiple publications to organize and switch between them, particularly with improved permission settings that make it easier to collaborate with colleagues.”

What’s not clear, however, is the type of approval the tool provides. To recall, Google News Producer is limited to the Google News App or Newsstand, while the Google News Publisher Center works with the web version. Does this mean the updated version approves sites on both web and app versions? Z6Mag is currently reaching out to Google News Team regarding this question.

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