Finally, the next ‘Half-Life’ game… is in VR?

Valve plans to reveal more details about Half-Life: Alyx in the next few days / Credit: Steam, Valve

A rather odd, but huge announcement came today from Valve’s official Twitter page about a new game development project. Turns out, it might just be the long, long-awaited Half-Life sequel that our ancestors have been sitting around for.

The announcement was short and precise. It revealed the title of the game, Half-Life: Alyx, the fact that it will be the “flagship” VR game of Valve, and the schedule of which more details are to be introduced further.

Of course, this unveiling did not come as a complete surprise, but the timing of the Twitter post did cause a bit of a startle between gaming communities and their related news sites. It had always been considered for a long time that Half-Life 3 was basically synonymous with “development hell”. So much so, that the theoretical sequel is now mired deep into meme territory. Whenever its “tragedy” could be relevant in any online discussion about prolonged/delayed released schedules and development hellscapes, it is referenced without fail.

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But is Half-Life: Alyx really a sequel though? It seems yes, at least according to how it was initially introduced when it was name-dropped. As a direct follow up to Half-Life 2, it is supposed to take place from the perspective of your undying partner Alyx Vance. And by “perspective”, it would be played literally from her firsthand VR point of view. Aside from this introductory tidbit, however, other game systems and mechanics are left unknown at the moment.

As for why Half-Life: Alyx would be Valve’s “flagship game”. it will be the first VR game that will be officially released for the Valve Index, Valve’s very own commercial VR headset.

This reveal is rather confusing for those who never really expected another official Half-Life game from Valve. Then again, curiosity still takes precedence. We’ll just have to find out more about what this game is really about this coming Thursday, November 20th.

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