Exceptional TV Shows for Children

Top shows recommended for kidsCaptured photo Sesame Street live characters. Photo: Flickr | USAG- Humphreys | CC BY 2.0

Childhood is the best time of every person’s life. Life is carefree in that period. All one has to worry about is finishing the homework and then going out to play. Children are free from the harsh realities of the real world.

After the invention of the television, a new pastime was added to the list of activities for children. Children started to watch TV shows to entertain themselves. These shows, in addition to providing entertainment, also provided opportunities to learn for the children.

Today we have gathered a list of these very shows that children watch for light entertainment in addition to learning something new every day as well. Well, without any further delay, let us get down to it.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is by far one of the most popular and oldest shows for children. The show consists of a segmented script presented in a vast range of styles. It is primarily aimed at preschoolers. There are various characters that include a mix of cartoons, muppets, and humans.

The show teaches various lessons such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes and much more while entertaining the viewers with brightly colored characters. The show also features certain children-friendly songs to entertain them while teaching.


Arthur is another great series for children that teaches great moral values to its viewers. The show features an 8-year-old aardvark and shows its daily adventures. On the show, children get to learn all sorts of values such as helping others, sharing, being nice to neighbors and so on.

The show is a great source of entertainment for children and adults alike. It is a great show because it age-appropriate content so that parents do not need to worry about their kids being exposed to questionable material.

Dora the Explorer

This amazing show features a 7-year old girl that loves to go on adventures with her friend monkey, Boots. Each episode shows her going on a new quest with Boots. Throughout the adventure, she takes help from her trusty map as well.

During the journey, she encounters various puzzles that she has to solve in order to overcome the obstacles that she faces. Moreover, she also has to stay cautious of Swiper the fox who is always trying to steal stuff from her.

Thomas and Friends

This is a British TV show for children that features Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Thomas is a railway engine and goes on various journeys. The show is great for children who love trains because of various types of train engines in the show.

Thomas is a friendly character that is always there for his friends and helps people in need as well. This remarkable show has aired 23 seasons so far and is still ready for the 24th.


Teletubbies is a fascinating show primarily aimed at babies. The series features four brightly colored Teletubbies that live in the world of Teletubbyland. They live in a vastly green valley where small animals live in harmony.

Throughout the show, we see the Teletubbies do all sorts of stuff like jumping around and dancing. They also watch children playing on the TV screen and doing other various activities as well.

Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues is another great, highly popular TV show for children. The show features a blue dog and his owner Steve. The theme of the show is that Blue leaves paw prints on three items in the show and Steve has to figure out those clues with the help of the audience to find out what
Blue wants to do.

The show is great for developing problem-solving skills among children. It aired from 1996 to 2006 and has been a huge success among children. Blue’s Clues especially appeals to children that have a thing for detective skills.

Ben 10

Ben 10 shows a 10-year-old kid who discovers the world of aliens after he finds the Omnitrix. With this device, he is able to transform into 10 different aliens who possess unique abilities.

Now, Ben uses these aliens to fight the bad guys to help innocent people.
The show received high popularity leading to several sequel series as well, but this is the place where it all started for Ben.


These are a few of the best TV shows that are great for children. Apart from entertaining them, they also provide a learning experience for the little ones. We realize that we have not listed all the great kids’ shows but these are enough to keep you occupied for the time being. Now with the rise of faster wifi, one can watch live tv on computer free. This has been the best change to the development of television. It’s left the cable companies in danger of being extinct like the dinosaurs.

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