Yup, this Sonic Movie is looking a lot better now

Paramount unveils the latest trailer for the upcoming Sonic movie, featuring a vastly improved design for our classic hedgehog / Credit: Paramount

A few hours ago Paramount had just freshly released its latest trailer for the upcoming video-game based Sonic movie. And yes, it is looking so much better now than the travesty of the previous trailer.

Several months ago, a teaser trailer for a full movie from the beloved Sega game franchise was unveiled to the public which sparked a ton of negative opinions. Viewers take on his design ranged from a simple “awful“, to a complete “grotesque” rating. Everybody agreed that something just definitely wasn’t right with his design. It didn’t help that it was compared directly Detective Pikachu, which at that time was critically acclaimed for its achievement in blending the classic, cartoonish design of Pokemon to our real world.

A new design for Sonic that matches his original 3D model much closer, while still being “realistic”.

Fast forward to today, and it seems that the graphics artists of this movie have finally redeemed themselves. Sonic now sports a more “balanced” look that feels just like his old classic self, added with the added high-definition details that take him into our real world. Based on the comments found on the original updated trailer alone, it seems that it is universally agreed upon that this is definitely the design of what a 3D, realistic rendition of his cartoon appearance should be.

Best of all, the trailer gives even more hype to this Sonic movie with even more teaser action, important but not spoiler-filled plot points, Sonic just chilling out and having fun around our world, and of course, more of the one thing that people liked in the first trailer: Jim Carrey’s upcoming performance as the iconic Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik.

There isn’t really much more to say, given that this is a trailer. But, if you want to see for yourself just how much has changed, check out and see Sonic’s new and improved movie look here:

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