Google Nest apparently down and inaccessible (again)

As of 1:00 am PST, reports come in that Google Nest has once again become inaccessible / Credit: Google

Within the last few hours, a significant number of Google Nest users have reported that they cannot access the app service, negatively affecting a good number of Nest devices worldwide once again.

Reports of the app being offline we submitted as early as 1:00 am PST today, posted on a number of different social media by the affected users. Some users cannot interface with the affected devices via voice commands, while some downright cannot access Google Nest at all. What is peculiar though, is that the inaccessibility incidents are not fully spread globally. The incidents seem to be concentrated around the Eastern United States and the United Kingdom, with a few (possibly unrelated) reports here and there from Spain, France, and the Central United States.

Google has responded to this and had started working on this issue as soon as possible. Around six hours later, somewhere during 7:00 am PST, the company has reported that most of the incidences should have been fixed already. Although, according to a few reports at the Google Support forums, there are still quite a number of users yet to regain access to Google Nest.

As hinted by the title of this article, this isn’t exactly the first time that Google Nest disturbingly went down and offline. The same issue happened on quite a number of occasions, the latest of which happened just last March this year, in which the Google Nest app became unavailable to a wide number of users.

If you are accessing Google Nest using any other ordinary Nest device, there probably isn’t any cause for concern. But if you’re using the service for your Nest cameras at home, then this might be somewhat disconcerting. The longer the service stays down, the longer your default home security system stays inactive. Worse, as of this issue’s reporting, there has been no official analysis on what actually happened, and there probably won’t be.

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