Sony reveals the grand plan to go from PS4 to PS5 smoothly

Sony wants PS4 users to switch to the PS5 as soon as it launches / Credit: Sony

Sony (SIE) CEO Jim Ryan revealed in an interview with Games Industry more details regarding the upcoming next-generation PlayStation 5 console. Among the most important points discussed is the smooth transition of current PS4 owners towards getting a PS5.

Information, both in the form of leaks and speculation, have been circulating within internet gaming circles about the Sony’s elusive successor console. While there is a good chunk of confirmed information among data revealed, a few concerns still remain amongst the general gaming community.

With the recent official announcements for the PS5 by Sony, certain specific concerns have been voiced out about the company’s previously unveiled marketing strategy for the console. This was the main topic for the interview, and many of the points that Jim Ryan responded with have tried to address the concerns of the prospective early buyers of the console.

Here are the most important tidbits mentioned in the marketing side of things from the recent interview:

  • Build a development platform that is even easier and more flexible to work around so developers can create PS5 games more efficiently.
  • A priority to shift the entire PS4 community and transition them to the PS5
  • Much higher marketing focus towards globalized promotion combined with coordinated regional development
  • Gradual utilization of newer, potentially groundbreaking technologies (pertaining specifically to cloud-based content)
  • Continued (updated) support for VR, despite (still) lower adoption rates
  • Hints on the restructuring of currently available subscription services further.

With the details shown here, and the reveal of the company’s strong desire to get current PS4 user to switch to the PS5 as soon as it gets released, we can speculate at least three different adjustments (aside from launch title lineup and new features) for its eventual commercial availability:

  • A lowered price (that can compete directly with the PS4)
  • Wide availability (at launch)
  • Backward compatibility

The last one is perhaps the most important, and the most critical, if Sony really wants PS4 users to adopt early and make the instant switch. This has actually been done with moderate success for the ill-fated PS Vita, as PSP games are backward compatible with the more advanced console. As such, we expect to see the same for the PS5.

Besides, if Sony really intends game development to be more efficient for the PS5, it is not that much of a stretch to assume that its programming code will be built upon what essentially is a PC the older PS4.

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