Today’s Destiny 2 update fixes latest weapon quest bug

Bungie introduces a critical hotfix to one of the Destiny 2's latest weapon quests / Credit: Bungie

Bungie had just announced today the release of its Update patch notes for Destiny 2 version 1.44. Included in its important updates are item count related progression bug fixes for a certain quest.

Reports for the bug have been made as early as the end of October. Specifically, the Black Armory Key, which is one of its quest acquisition requirements, is technically unobtainable due to the completion trigger for the Lock and Key quest not initializing. The quest NPC Ada-1 is also unable to even register the quest for the player to do.

Being that Izanagi’s Burden is one of the newest weapons in the game, and undoubtedly the hottest based on its pure stats and capabilities, a hotfix for its acquisition quest was made in short order. Thus, the main point of the current update, plus other minor tweaks on other features.

Here are the key details for this current fix:

Destiny 2 ver. 1.44 Patch Notes

Izanagi’s Burden

  • Fixed an issue causing Forge Keys to not count towards Mysterious Box (Izanagi’s Burden) Quest Progression
    • Players affected by this should find the corresponding objective marked correctly after logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where the Obsidian Crystal would not give Quest Progression
    • Players affected by this will need to reacquire a Black Armory Rare bounty, and then complete and claim it to get another Obsidian Crystal.

Power Progression

  • Adjusted the Power granted by pinnacle rewards to +2 instead of +1


  • The Season Pass weapons Pluperfect and Temporal Clause now have a chance to drop from Vex Offensive after you have obtained them.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the Weekly Eris Challenge to not drop a Powerful reward

Keep in mind, that the update is made directly to the servers, which means no local downloads are necessary. The update is also to slated be implemented today, November 7th, so expect the fix to be already in place the next time you log into the game.

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