Just Dance 2020 says goodbye to the Wii, hello to Stadia

Just Dance 2020 marks the end of game releases for the Nintendo Wii, but signals the start for Google Stadia / credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft had just unveiled more details for its upcoming latest Just Dance 2020 game for this year. Apparently, the game will still hold on to its console roots, while welcoming a brand new platform as it gets officially released.

Recapping most of what was already revealed, Just Dance 2020 will mainly feature All Stars Mode and one-month free Just Dance Unlimited service, which are essentially compendiums of all the tracks, songs, achievements, and stickers that was ever released for the franchise. Just Dance Unlimited spans about an entire decade of about 500+ tracks, so this will be quite an updated library to play with.

Next is the return of the Co-op Mode, a multi-player mode which is exactly implemented in the same way as other previous titles. And if you happen to be kid, you need to jam on something that is a bit more friendly to your smaller stature. and that’s where Kids Mode kicks in. This features several curated songs of the same mode from earlier games, plus eight new ones for Just Dance 2020.

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Just Dance 2020 will feature 40 brand new selected tracks, which will be added to the game franchise’s massive library. It also supposedly has a better track recommendation system that pretty much optimizes the songs that you choose based on your gaming groove habits.

Now, for the most important bit. Just Dance 2020 will be released for the Nintendo Wii. Basically, the platform console that brought the series to the masses in the first place. Quite surprising, but also… actually not surprising. While a Switch version will be available, Ubisoft may perhaps be both eyeing on the huge classic player base of the Wii, as well as doing it as a final gesture to the aging console.

Whatever it may be, this makes Just Dance 2020, the final game to be released for the Wii.

On the flip side, Just Dance 2020 will also be the very first game to be released for Google Stadia, which will officially debut on the exact same date as the game’s release. Perhaps this will be the best opportunity to finally test the viability of Stadia’s technologies to our current internet systems?

Just Dance 2020 is slated to be released for the Nintendo Wii, Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia this coming November 19th. Need to see its upcoming tracks? Check out Ubisoft’s updated song intro list here:

Ready to groove to the tune of Just Dance 2020 later this month?

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