IronMarch exposed: mysterious hacker leaks neo-nazi forum database

A mysterious hacker exposed a database containing files and data from the popular neo-nazi forum, IronMarch.Neo-nazi rally. Photo: Elvert Barnes | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Different entities including law enforcement in the United States and other parts of the world are currently analyzing the contents of the neo-nazi forum after a mysterious hacker have publicly released a database containing all archives – including emails, sensitive messages, IP addresses, and usernames – of the forum called IronMarch forum. 

The IronMarch forum has grown to become one of the most popular online meeting places of White supremacists, racial extremists, and neo-nazis around the world. The forum, which was defunct since 2017, has given birth to two of the most notorious white supremacy terrorist organizations Atomwaffen Division and SIEGE Culture – both of which have been linked to different murders and episodes of violence around the world. 

Mysterious hacker exposed IronMarch neo-nazi forum

The mysterious hacker has published today a carbon copy of the site on the file-hosting section of the Internet Archive portal. The archive includes a wide range of information regarding the operations of the forum from user details to forum posts and from private messages to multi-factor authentication settings and forum management logs. 

Screenshot by ZDNet

Analysis of the data in the archive post reveals that there are 3,548 registered profiles in the IronMarch forum before it was shut down in November 2017. Interestingly the last user ID number in the database is 15,218. The possible reason for the discrepancy in the number of users could be brought by the fact that there could have been some spam accounts and deleted profiles. 

Screenshot by ZDNet

Furthermore, the last profile registration in the database was dated November 20, 2017. This suggests that the copy of the contents of the forum was taken at the time before it was shut down. 

Data helps law enforcement’s crackdown vs. neo-nazis

The publication of the archive and carbon copy of the IronMarch forum proved to be extremely important for law enforcement around the world. The IronMarch forum has become one of the biggest online meeting places for neo-nazi individuals and has inspired lone terrorists and organized groups to commit murders. Unmasking the identities of those members of the forum could be a huge break for investigators. 

IronMarch started in 2011, have had several members to organize the “Atomwaffen Division,” a neo-nazi organizatio5n founded in 201 that is currently being investigated for at least eight murders around the world. Another extremist group,  SIEGE Culture, was also born through the meeting of the minds of some IronMarch users in July 2017.

Being in a forum like IronMarch, it is extremely important for users to mask their identities by using fake emails, VPNs, and ToR browsers in order to establish anonymity. However, analysts of the data said that they are hoping to find clues – no matter how insignificant they might appear – from emails they used to register, the nickname they chose on the site, and the forum posts and private messages they’ve sent each other. 

The fruits of the analyst’s labor are beginning to see the light of day as one of them was spotted in the email database published by the mysterious hacker, an email that is connected to Long Island-based community college ( The discovery will help narrow down the identity of the said user and could eventually lead up to more information to be gathered. 

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