The Tesla Roadster will be the ‘ultimate vehicle’

The Tesla next-generation Roadster vehicles are “evolving” to become the best supercar that will become available to the public and will easily beat the next best gasoline-powered engines, says its chief designer.

Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen made the claims in a recent interview in Ryan McCaffrey’s Ride the Lightning podcast where someone from the electric car company has finally revealed nee details regarding the much-awaited Roadster.

Tesla revealed the prototype for the Roadster two years ago. Initially, the company said that the specs of the next-gen Roadster will be able to provide 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, a top speed of 250 mph, and will have a range of 620 miles per charge thanks to its 200 kWh battery.

Relatively, two years is a lot of time. Especially where Tesla technology itself has been undergoing several changes. Particularly, von Holzhausen said that the Roadster alone has been evolving to become the best supercar since they unveiled the vehicle.

“It’s evolving deservedly, so it needs more time. It will be even better than what we’ve unveiled. In every way,” von Holzhausen said.

In recent months, it has been reported that Tesla will start developing its batteries for its vehicles to improve the design and become more independent.

Also, the initial specs touted for the Roadster were already considered impressive. Now von Holzhausen says that they’re still working to introduce more improvements.

However, the automaker’s chief designer did not precisely say what and how they are improving the next-gen Roadster; it can only be assumed that it will be faster and performance-efficient.

CEO Elon Musk has also been teasing those specs as the “base specs,” and other versions should have even crazier performance. Notably, a Tesla vehicle can be customized depending on the customer’s preference and how much they are willing to spend.

In comparison, Model 3 was initially announced to have a 0-60 mph time of “less than 6 seconds” during its unveiling event. Even the vehicle’s “slowest” trim, the Standard Range variant that’s available off-menu, has a 0-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds. That’s a hair faster than the BMW 730d M-Sport.

Meanwhile, with the Roadster’s initial 0-60 mph and top 250 mph already tops Ferrari’s recently unveiled SF90 Stradale — Ferrari’s fastest vehicle ever.

Additionally, von Holzhausen comments echo Musk’s when he discussed the Roadster in his guest appearance at the Ride the Lightning podcast a few months ago. Musk said that the next-gen Roadster would reach a level of performance that is almost unfair to gasoline or diesel-powered cars.

“We’re going to do things with the new Roadster that are kind of unfair to other cars. [It’s] crushingly good relative to the next best gasoline sports car,” Musk said.

However, we won’t be seeing the next-gen Roadster any time soon, and it will probably be another one or two years before it hit production, but there are other things to look forward to.

Last month, Tesla said that they expect the production version of the Tesla Roadster supercar to break the Nürburgring record next year. Musk has also stated that the next-generation Tesla Roadster will see a production of about 10,000 units per year. That’s far above the output of niche all-electric hypercar makers such as Rimac.

In the end, all this power and efficiency will come at a price as it is touted to cost upwards $200,000 per vehicle, which comes at par with most high-end supercars out there.

“It’s an amazing machine. That car is like no other. I think it showcases the ability of what an electric vehicle can be… Being able to finally show people that — that was a cool moment,” von Holzhausen said.

Republish Oct. 20, 2019

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