Pewdiepie Is Banned In China; Here’s Why

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Pewdiepie has been banned from most, if not all, social media platforms in China due to a recent video released where the YouTube giant expressed his support towards the Hong Kong protests and after making fun of the Chinese president.

The social media star uploaded a video today, October 19, on his YouTube channel with the title “Pewdiepie Is BANNED in China.” The video contains a short snippet of him confirming that he is, in fact, non-existent in the online realm of the Communist country.

“Well boys, we did it. I’m banned from China. After I spoke about the Hong Kong protests and mocked their leader as looking like Winnie the Pooh, I got banned from China,” Pewdiepie started saying in his latest upload.

The YouTube star then went to explain that looking up his name in the country on any site, including Reddit or YouTube, will show up a blank result.

The specific video that Pewdiepie cites as the reason he was banned in China is his October 16 publish entitled “Hong Kong vs Joker Ends Fortnite [MEME REVIEW]” video.

Pewdiepie breaks down the situation regarding Blizzard’s ban of Hearthstone player “Blitzchung” over his pro-Hong Kong statement on-stream. He also talks about South Park’s recent episode criticizing Hong Kong, which led to its own ban in the country.

And finally, Pewdiepie reacted to a meme about China’s leader Xi Jinping that compared him to Disney character Winnie the Pooh. “It became a meme that the Chinese leader looks exactly like Winnie the Pooh,” PewDiePie laughed. “The resemblance is uncanny!”

While he found it amusing, he, later on, apologized to his fans. “I’m laughing, but yeah I’m sorry if you are in China, and try to watch my videos. That kind of sucks. It’s just kind of funny,” Pewdiepie admits. “I knew it was gonna happen.”

Relatively, Pewdiepie has been known to be a vocal individual and has suffered backlash regarding that trait in the past. Nevertheless, he remains unfazed as he continue to grab the title as the single most popular channel on Youtube.

Notably, he spends less than a minute of the 15-minute video talking about the issue, while dedicating the rest of the 14 minutes to a normal Pewdiepie reaction video.

On the other hand, the Chinese government has been known to afflict strict regulations over others who are attempting to smear China’s campaign. Even large companies and brands from other nations are forced to comply with China, namely: Apple and Blizzard Entertainment in recent press circulation.

In 2017, the Chinese government started censoring and banning the Disney character Winnie the Pooh, after bloggers started posting memes of the Chinese leader.

The country even banned the 2018 film Christopher Robin starring Ewan McGregor from showing in Chinese cinemas after the leader was angry and considered the meme comparisons a form of propaganda.

PewDiePie is the biggest content creator on YouTube with over 101 million subscribers and his audience spread all across the world.

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