A man had a pair of tweezers stuck in his penis for four years

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Doctors were baffled after discovering a patient with tweezers stuck inside his penis. According to the medical report, the tweezers were in there for four long years.

The procedure of discovering and removing the pair of tweezers out of the man’s penis is published in a report in Urology Case Reports.

The patient, unnamed, was a 22-year-old man from Saudi Arabia. In the case report, it showed that a pair of 8-centimetre-long (over 3 inches) hair tweezers was stuck inside his urethra: a foreign body he confirms to be self-inserted into his penis four years before his visit to the clinic.

Thanks to a careful and thought-out plan by doctors in the Saudi Arabian clinic, they were able to remove the tweezers without any severe complications.

The report failed to indicate the reason behind the decision to insert the pair of tweezers in his penis. But — after a couple of in-depth research — some men who enjoy inserting small or thin-like objects inside their penis while masturbating for added pleasure. The practice is known as sounding.

Meanwhile, the physicians note that “foreign bodies are most commonly inserted into the urinary tract by psychiatric, intoxicated, confused, or sexually curious patients.”

As the doctors explain, the documented variety of foreign bodies people insert into their genitourinary tract “defies imagination,” including fish hooks, screws, wires, wooden sticks, telephone cables, and even pieces of fish.

“In the vast majority of cases, the patients feel guilty and humiliated and, therefore, often delay asking for medical help.”

X-ray of the pelvis showing tweezers in the anterior urethra.
Source: Abouelazayem et al., | Urology Case Reports, 2019

Initially, when the patient arrived at the clinic, there were no apparent symptoms of what he might have come in for. He even denied having any urological symptoms and was able to pass urine tests normally.

To remove the foreign object, doctors applied pressure on either side of the penis, a method called “external pressure technique” where the doctors kept the open end of the tweezers in a shut position, while a separate pair of inserted endoscopic forceps extracted the object, avoiding the need for open surgery.

The doctors wrote: “At the end of the procedure, no urethral catheter was inserted, the patient voided well and went home post-procedure.”

“The patient was recommended to undergo a psychiatric evaluation but he refused. The patient did not follow up with the outpatient department,” the doctors added.

Notably, this is not the only interesting report about men and what they are doing with their juniors. Men, it would appear, have also been putting toothpaste on their penises in a misguided attempt to delay ejaculation.

The advice, which has been circulating the Internet in recent months, has been popularized by “home remedies” YouTuber Jose Barber.

The video advises putting “affordable, cheap toothpaste” on the glans of the penis in order to numb it, promising that it will make your partner “surprised […] you are so hard or so long-lasting”. 

Likewise, doctors called out the action and urging men to stop doing so.

First of all, the coolness or numbing effect of the toothpaste has nothing to do with delaying ejaculation or combating erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, the ingredients such as peppermint oils and other chemicals in the toothpaste — including bleaching agents, can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin. By putting it on your genitals, you risk a mild burn, as well as blisters and scarring.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to your penises: if it’s not recommended, then don’t do it.

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