Omegle intensifies messages against China

Omegle China IntensifyAnonymous Chatting, Omegle, messages against China. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Omegle inches its fight against the alleged human rights abuses committed by the Chinese government with more provocative statements posted on its website. The popular anonymous chatting website has earlier threw jabs against the Chinese government and has shown support to the protest enters in Hong Kong. 

The website has now included other statements against the Chinese government and the Communist Party in its political move. Aside from likening the Chinese President Xi Jinping to the popular cartoon character — Winnie the Pooh — Omegle now has escalated their statements to include other historical forms of oppression linked to the CCP.


The free chatting site, which has grown in popularity since it was launched in 2009, displays messages of criticism against China in the place of “Say Hi!” that it usually shows when two strangers match with each other. Initially, Omegle only displayed “Say Xi = Pooh!” in lieu of the earlier message, but now, it displays different messages at random, all of which are targeted against China. 

For one, Omegle questions why the Communist Party of China (CCP) is venerating the legacy of Mao Zedong, the former Chairman of the People’s Republic of China when his flagship policy “Great Leap Forward” has killed millions of people. 

“Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed tens of millions, yet the CCP venerates Mao even today!” reads the message displayed on Omegle’s website. 

Furthermore, Omegle also displays a message calling the Tiananmen Square Massacre as evil. The Tiananmen Square Protest if 1989 ended in a bloody revolution for China’s fight for democracy. It follows the death of Hu Yaobang Hu, a former leader of the Communist Party, who initiated democratic reforms in China. When the police and the military failed to control the protesting crowd, they starting firing open rounds to the protesters leading to the death of hundreds of thousands of protesters. 

“Say the Tiananmen Square Massacre was evil!” Omegle said. 

The anonymous chat website has also called for the freedom of the people around the world from the oppression of China. Other messages include:

  • Say Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed tens of millions, yet the CCP venerates Mao even today!
  • Say the Tiananmen Square Massacre was evil!
  • Say Xi = Pooh!
  • Say people in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and everywhere deserve freedom!
  • Say China’s government oppresses its people!
  • Say fuck the CCP!
  • Say stand with Hong Kong!

Last week, Omegle started to explicitly call out China and its alleged oppression of its people by changing the banner on its website to include the phrase: “Public Service Announcement: Xi Jinping sure looks like Winnie the Pooh.” It also bears the official cry of supporters of the Hong Kong protesters below the image, which says, “Stand with Hong Kong.”

Omegle is a popular online website where people can match with other anonymous users without logging in. The users are either matched through the tags they encoded to the site when they enter the chat room or in the absence of the tags, and when no one else matches in the given tag, the user will be matched to a completely random user. The site was first developed by Leif K-Brooks and was first launched on March 5, 2009.

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