Billy Porter confirms to play Cinderella’s fairy godmother

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Billy Porter, in a surprising yet pleasant surprise, confirmed that he will be playing the iconic role of Cinderella’s fairy godmother in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the 1950 classic, pushing forward the progressive rebranding of most of the regressive and archaic princess movie classics.

After Porter’s recent Emmy win for his role as the emcee Pray Tell in FX’s series Pose, he is set to be the openly gay and black version of the fairy godmother that children all over the world have grown to know and will be bippidi-boppidi-booping in the big screen, transforming the orphan Cinderella into an elegant princess with the flick of his wand.

The 50-year-old actor was in attendance at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday (October 12) when he broke the news. During an interview with the New Yorker‘s Instagram Story, he confirmed the rumored saying: “I have a couple of movies that I’m working on. I’m gonna be playing the fairy godmother in the new Cinderella movie with Camila Cabello,” he said.

Billy Porter is joining amongst the diverse cast with Camila Cabello, who would play the titular princess in the re-imagining of the classic story. Additionally, Broadway veteran (and the voice of Frozen‘s Queen Elsa) Idina Menzel is also in talks to join the cast to play Evelyn, Cinderella’s evil stepmother.

Notably, Cabello’s Cuban and Mexican heritage is expected to come into play. Cabello will also be heavily involved in creating the music for the classic, to which Billy Porter confirms to endow his singing prowess.

What is significant in the casting of Porter is the message that the movie will be portraying. It’s a tale that supports both sexes on their transformations based on their fantasies, and that the color of your skin won’t stop you from doing so.

In the press room after his Emmy win last month, Porter told reporters that representation in media has “the power to create empathy.”

“I feel like physical representation is the only thing that creates change. It’s when we are available, that we have the power to create empathy. Through the way we tell stories,” he said.

“I think being black, I know that being black and gay and out, and being in this position,” Porter added.

The movie will be helmed by Blockers director and Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon and will be based on the ideas of James Corden. The film is expected to be released in 2021.

Porter has been a dependable staple of pop culture since the mid-90s because of his roles in films like The First Wives Club, shows such as The Get Down, and Broadway musicals like Kinky Boots. He is, indeed, a multi-faceted actor.

Aside from his broad acting range, Porter has gained traction in today’s pop culture due to his loud and proud appearances on red carpet events such as the Met Gala, the Emmy’s, and the Oscars.

Other than Cinderella, Porter says he has other project in the works. “I have a movie with Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek, Like a Boss,” he shared during the panel on Saturday, when he revealed his Cinderella news. “I have a new album coming out next year. I am directing an episode of Pose.”

“There’s a play that I directed that just debuted in Boston that’s coming to New York,” Porter continued. “I’m a gypsy — the only thing I know how to do is work. I’m ready. I’m ready for all of it.”

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