The new Tile Sticker will help you track almost any lost object you attach it to

Tile, a tracking device software, and hardware company is introducing a new way for you to keep tabs on your valuables with a sticker-like device that tells the location of anything that it is stuck to.

Tile, in particular, is one of the pioneers in tracking tags technology. They are basically small devices you attach to everyday objects that you have a habit of misplacing.

In the past, Tile devices have come in the form of a keychain that found itself effective and efficient for bigger objects such as keys, bags, and the like.

Tile Sticker attached to a bike
Source: Tile

Today, the startup unveiled a suite of updates on its widely popular Mate and Pro Tags, even the recently introduced Tile Slim has a new design. However, the main attraction for the company’s latest announcement is the new introduction in its line called the Tile Sticker.

Sticker is a new, waterproof tracking device that Tile created in collaboration with 3M. The Tile Sticker has a range of about 50 meters or further using Tile’s community network by way of its app, and the battery lasts for three years.

The Tile Sticker resembles other Tile products in many ways. The significant difference lies in how you attach it to objects. For example, hanging the Tile Mate and Pro on your bag via a key ring, you stick the Tile Sticker wherever you want. For instance, on your remote control, your MacBook charger, or your glasses case. The feature that it is waterproof means that you can also attach it to outdoor objects such as gardening supplies or your bike for those pesky thieves.

Notably, you can only attach each Tile Sticker once, but Tile does sell new adhesive strips if you still want to remove it and stick it on something else.

The Tile Slim
Source: Tile

Alongside this, the startup is also announcing enhancements to its existing range of Tile tracking devices. The most significant change with the Tile trackers can be seen on the Slim. This tracker is primarily intended for wallets, and the latest version now has the same length and width as a credit card. The thickness is equal to two credit cards, making it easier to put it in card-suitable objects such as a wallet or a luggage card slot. The Tile Slim’s range has also been extended to 60 meters with a battery life of three years, and the audio signal is a bit louder.

Finally, the Tile Mate and Pro — the square-shaped fobs that Tile is most famous for — have also gained a greater reach. Instead of 45 meters, this is now 60 meters, just like the new Slim. There is still a replaceable battery, and the design has also remained unchanged.

The Tile Mate
Source: Tile

All four models are going on sale as of today at a range of prices: Tile Stickers starting from $39.99 for a 2-pack, $59.99 for a 4-pack; Tile Slim at $29.99; Tile Mate at $24.99; and Tile Pro at $34.99.

“Over the years, we’ve seen our customers use Tile for a variety of items,” said CJ Prober, Tile CEO, in a statement. “From wallets to remote controls, power tools to backpacks, our customers have shown us they want a Tile for everything. We’ve designed our new product line to empower the Tile community to find literally anything.”

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