Switch Lite now added to Nintendo’s original Switch lawsuit

It looks like Nintendo’s legal troubles over the Switch is far from over, as the original class-action lawsuit that litigated the company is now updated with console’s newer and smaller brother.

Last week Nintendo officially released the Switch Lite, to mixed fanfare by users and critics. Most say that the added compactness is a welcome upgrade for the portable console set, while few others still insist that the original Switch is enough.

But a few people, even as early as two days after the Switch Lite unit was used, have complained that it too is suffering from the same “Joy-con drift” issues its bigger brother has controversially been reported with over the last few months. It started with a few testimonies over Reddit, as well as some Twitter posts that allegedly prove the issue’s existence.

This was further worsened by the discovery that the Switch Lite actually uses the exact same hardware as regular Joy-cons, further reinforcing the assumption that the Switch Lite units are headed in the same eventual defect as the original “drifted” Switch units.

Then, as of a few days ago, the reports have snowballed into something much bigger. The separate complaints have presumably become the basis of an update by the law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith. This was the same law firm that filed the original lawsuit against Nintendo of America for the so-called “Joy-con drift”. This time, the Switch Lite is now officially included in the lawsuit.

To be fair, this might very well just be a case of a factory defect, since there aren’t many anecdotal incidents this time compared to the original Nintendo Switch. However, being that the hardware is the same, it is understandable that new users of the Switch Lite might worry over the potential problem.

If further proven to be true with more incidences, this might well turn out even worse for Nintendo, who already have a lot of PR trouble on their hands over the original issue.

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