Dropbox Spaces boosts your beloved shared folder

Earlier this week, Dropbox updates its official blog with the announcement Dropbox Spaces, the smart collaborative workspace that uses machine learning to make your shared folders run on steroids.

For the longest time, Dropbox has collaborated and worked together with many different cloud-based and online work suites, to allow people to use the platform’s convenient data storage interface with their favorite online office apps.

Well, Dropbox had just decided to step out into the limelight to transform its “Shared Folders” feature into what is now officially known as Dropbox Spaces. Now optimized with machine learning, it will now feature many different file organizing and file search options that will “help you stay focused on your most important work”.

For example, while the traditional keyword search and/or internal-data file search are mostly available as it is, the smart features will now allow you to search and organize without even using text to find text. Want to search for an image file that has a specific object on it? Search the object by naming it, and the machine learning algorithms will try their best to find it for you.

Action suggestions are a big part of the smart user experience in Dropbox Spaces. With means, the mere act of organizing actually personalizes your virtual file space with varied options, frequently used files, as well as to-do lists that “automatically” integrate with your schedule. Anyone who makes changes or edits within a group sends out a notification for that change immediately, so that all users are always on track on what’s up.

What’s possibly even more exciting for this, is that Dropbox will still continue its mission of collaboration. Dropbox Spaces is slated to be integrated with other applications and software it can integrate with using its services.

One such application is Trello, and the company is ready to integrate its activity cards in order for users to share files and information even more seamlessly while maintaining productivity.

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