YouTube Music is now the default audio app for Android devices

Google has now officially added YouTube Music as one of the default Google Apps for future Android 10 devices. This will push the long-time Google Play Music app to the wayside, presumably to directly compete more with other music streaming services on the OS platform.

For the longest time since YouTube Music was introduced, it has always been treated as a separate YouTube app, much like YouTube Kids. While technically this is true on a certain level, its function has been slowly shifting to what Google Play Music has been doing for the last few years.

One of the relatively large hurdles in making this decision was the refusal of a good portion of Android users to make the switch. This has reportedly been part due to local user features not implemented yet in a form that makes the transition seamless from using Google Play Music.

However, in light of newer features rolled out over time, as well as Google’s rather ironic persistence in advertising the app (without ads!) to users of newer Android phones, the decision was finally made. Of course, many people would still rather not use premium subscriptions on the platform for a variety of reasons. But for the most part, convenience seems to have rather won out for this update.

Additionally, Google also succinctly mentioned in the official blog update that YouTube Music can also enjoy a plethora of different integrated features available on Android 10, such as smarter suggested actions and playlist choices. So there’s also that going in for the future preinstalled Android music app.

Oh, and even if Google Play Music is no longer available by default on a freshly purchased Android 10 device, don’t fret. It’s still up there at the Google Play Store, ready for your accounts to log into like any older Android device you might have been using.

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