Xbox One will now feature Google Assistant

Microsoft has just rolled out a new update that will integrate the beloved Google Assistant into all Xbox One machines. Yes, all of the standard voice-activated commands and features will now be open to Google Assistant.

A few months ago, Microsoft has made the big decision to completely pull out its signature Cortana assistant from Xbox consoles. This was apparently a move to build a more corporate portfolio for Cortana, as it was being prepped for larger applications within the entrepreneurial/business sphere of things.

However, one of the things speculated for its eventual pullout was the opinion that Cortana didn’t really enhance the overall accessing experience of the Xbox One. It was, to say the least, janky, and for Microsoft to have strongly marketed the virtual assistant before probably resulted in a few players being quite apprehensive as to why it even exists on a gaming platform.

Well, those speculations now seemed quite irrelevant, because it turns out that Google Assistant is actually taking the place of Cortana. And we mean, completely taking over all the other voice-related commands and controls that we use Cortana for in our Xbox Ones. From turning the console on or off, launching or closings games or apps, to directing viewing options.

There is one tiny caveat, however. The Xbox One itself will NOT be installed with Google Assistant. Instead, you will be using an Android or iOS device installed with a specific app that integrates with your Xbox One. So technically you are actually speaking to your phone’s Google Assistant, and it simply relays your commands for the app to send once again to the Xbox One that will finally execute the command.

Perhaps due to this rather indirect setup, Microsoft also requires prospective users to join in a Google Group before the feature becomes available for them. This is where your Xbox will be listed, and where the commands would be directly related into.

At the moment, Microsoft is currently making the feature available in public beta. After a few weeks of testing, the company plans to officially roll it out as a new basic feature for the Xbox One.

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