Latest Tesla update features smart summon, Cuphead, and more

Tesla uploaded a new video yesterday that briefly showcased the newest updates to be rolled out in its Software Version 10.0. Among the new features, a way to call your Tesla from a parking space, as well as the long-announced in-gaming features.

The video starts with a Tesla that automatically navigates its way towards the user when its “Smart Summon” mode is activated. This follows a short demo of Cuphead, the latest addition for the Tesla Arcade set of in-car games. The rest a mix of convenience and/or entertainment updates that would either guide drivers to the shortest destinations, or keep them out of boredom if more than two people are in the car. Oh, and there’s also a few incremental visual improvements to autopilot as well.

Spotify is perhaps quite important as an update for a lot of Tesla owners in the U.S. as it was formerly only available in Europe. As usual, voice controls can be used, for dictating commands and playing specific singles or albums.

Tesla theater gives drivers a mixed bag of Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube, as well as a few default videos for Tesla-specific tutorials. It is automatically disabled while driving, so more safety-conscious passengers need not worry about it.

Caraoke mode is well… karaoke. It might not just be a lyrical pasttime for your passengers. It may actually also turn your Tesla into an exclusive sing-a-machine, for those who want to “safely” sing with the beats, away from any external influence of the outside world.

At this point, Tesla’s QoL updates almost seem as if it is more of a consumer electronic gadget rather than an actual car. Which, to be fair, is actually true in terms of data integration and access interface.

Also, if anyone is still wondering, yes, that is indeed an Xbox controller plugged directly into the car. Basically any PC-supported controller is actually configurable to work with Tesla’s officially licensed games.

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