Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha has a screen that wraps around itself

Xiaomi has just revealed a huge amount of new information about its upcoming concept smartphone. The Mi MIx Alpha, as advertised, is the smartphone that is 180 percent all screen.

While foldable phones were all the craze earlier in 2019, Xiaomi may perhaps have tapped into the same idea, but applied it differently. After all, if the screen is basically stretchable to outside the standard dimensions of a typical smartphone, why not just wrap that same large screen all around to make the unit entirely made up of touchscreen?

The Mi Mix Alpha, when its screen is active, immediately makes an impression to anyone who sees it. The bezel-less front is already noticeable enough, but when turned to reveal that the “surround screen” stretches all the way through, it begins to have a dynamic look different from any current tablet or smartphone. Not that it hasn’t been considered or wished by a few users, but it certainly hasn’t been applied to something like this.

The teaser trailer video for Mi Mix Alpha doesn’t exactly showcase any important ideas applied to its revolutionary “180 percent screen”. However, it has been officially presented at its announcement event with a few nifty tricks. One is its charging status, which showcases the bar filling up with “juice”. Another is the status icons and information, which instead of being placed at the top of the screen, is now shown at the side.

Specifications-wise, the Mi Mix Alpha will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, and would have 12GB RAM and 512GB of storage, as well as being 5G ready. It will also be installed with a 108-megapixel camera sensor.

Currently, the phone is in its “concept smartphone” status, so no mass-production plans will be greenlit anytime soon. However, Xiaomi does plan for a limited release of the phone this December, for a price that is equivalent to about $2,800.

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